Pt Satish K Sharma on whether Colonialists still have their knee on India’s neck

"In recent weeks we have seen many high profile Indian, especially Dharmic, voices banned or simply erased - Why are global social media companies shutting down Indian voices?" wonders Pandit Satish Kumar Sharma. Another topic discussed is the controversy over the appointment of Tony Abbott, a former Minister in Australia as the Trade Envoy of the United Kingdom.


  1. We need to look at Netflix also. Is it really in our interest to support shows that are against us?

    Thankfully Hasan Minaj show was cancelled. I heard about it in the sham sharma show on YouTube.

  2. Praveen Mohan YouTube channel seems to be up.

    What is the name of Baba RamPuri channel? So we have backup videos we can repost in the meantime?


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