Pt Satish Sharma says British-Indians appreciate Storming Starmer’s anti Pak wisdom

Will losing London city be the Waterloo moment for the British Labour Party, wonders Pt Satish K Sharma. British-Indian vote was key to Sadiq Khan becoming the Mayor, but will they vote Labour again? All this and more!


  1. So as the USA most prosperous minority, how can we transition away from the Democratic Party to folks more aligned with us? What are the political organizations we should be supporting?

    • Indian Americans should vote for the Republican Party. The Democratic Party does blatant Muslim appeasement and is starting to have an anti-India mindset.

      • I agree. We also have to ensure Indian American candidates state their religious affiliation.
        Savant in Seattle says her ‘parents are Hindu’ or words to that effect. And Pramila Jayapal religion isn’t on Wikipedia and she’s identified as South Asian the last time I looked online rather than Indian. We need to become more aware of how these terms are used. Thanks again.


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