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Undermining the fight against the pandemic

The nation’s fight against the pandemic is getting undermined by the inefficient functioning of the governments of Delhi, West Bengal, and Maharashtra. If a nationwide...

The Corona Crisis: President’s Rule, the only way out in Maharashtra?

The World facing the biological disaster by the disease popularly known as COVID-19 due to the Coronavirus has not left India where the number...

In Maharashtra, the price of prevarication

Saturday’s development is especially hard on the Shiv Sena. It had sacrificed everything to have its candidate in the Chief Minister’s post What does a...

How Shiv Sena jumped into the pit BJP dug for itself?

Shiv Sena should remember is, a large chunk of Hindu voters now sees Sena as a force that was ready to spoil larger cause,...

Story of the Real Losers

The results of the Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly results have shown the door to wannabe political outfits seeking relevance in the two States. Both...

Fadnavis is achieving the impossible

The arrest of Ajit Pawar will also deliver a body blow to the NCP thereby dramatically creating political space for the BJP to expand CM...

The Nero from Nagpur

Fadnavis isn't doing anything to fulfil any of his promises Over 6000 acres of salt pan land, 16 hectares of Mahim nature park and 33...


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