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Hindu activist murdered brutally in Tamil Nadu

One has lost count of the Hindu youths in Tamil Nadu who were murdered by the Islamist activists. Within days of Dalit leader Thol Thirumavalavan...

Why are 3M afraid of another M (Mohan Lal)?

A memorandum signed by some of the paid pen pushers of the 3M cabal was submitted to the Kerala Culture Minister demanding that the...

The Lynching of Kerala Adivasis

It may be remembered that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared that Kerala was worse than Somalia in treating the poor people. Kerala, the land...

Karnataka going Kerala way as Islamists strike at will

Team PGurus have been informing and alerting the esteemed readers about how the Marxist-Methran(Church)-Mullah (M3) axis got Kerala converted into Devil’s Own Paradise and...


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