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Swamy remembers Charan Singh – Part 3 of PM series

A brilliant mind, tuned to the needs of the Indian farmer was not accepted by Lutyens' Delhi. A must see.

Dr. Swamy remembers Morarji Desai – P2 of the PM series

At the start of this discussion, I had mentioned that Shri Morarji Desai was a Deputy Prime Minister and the Finance Minister under Jawaharlal...

Dr. Swamy remembers Indira Gandhi

Why is this a must see video? Many incidents that have not been shared previously are described here. When did Dr. Swamy first meet Sonia Gandhi? Dr....

US withdrawal from Afghanistan: Impact on global terror & implications for...

US withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan US President Joe Biden’s April 14 announcement of the complete withdrawal of US combat troops from Afghanistan, the perennial...
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