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An open letter to the President on COVID-19

An open letter to the President Shri Ram Nath Kovind from C S Rangarajan TO His Excellency Shri Ram Nath Kovind Hon’ble President of India Rashtrapathi Bhavan New Delhi Subject:-...

With leader missing, drift in Congress continues

If indeed the Congress cannot look beyond its first family, then it should persuade Priyanka Vadra to step in The drama over who will be...

Where Has the Congress Gone, Bhai?

The present chaos is a direct outcome of the leadership crisis at the high command level The mess in the Congress party is not just...

The Presidential address seems a superfluous exercise

The text of the Presidential address is quite long and has so many facts and figures. It simply cannot be expected to be written...

Rudderless Congress needs leadership

If Rahul Gandhi wishes to continue as Congress President, he must assert himself and crack the whip. The Congress is a rudderless ship, with its...

Maldives – Re-aligning the Country’s Interests

The approach that the Solih Government takes to fine tune with various stakeholders of power, will be an interesting case to watch for. The Yameen...

Unhealthy legacy of an Ex-President

The Indian President, in particular, is supposed to uphold not only the Constitution but also precedents and conventions The real culprit of the ongoing post-poll...

Describing Trump: 6 Euphemisms for conduct unbecoming a President

Now that Trump has been president for almost a year, it’s time the media called his behavior for what it is rather than try...


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