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Dostana again… of Crime and Corruption

A match of convenience where supply meets demand? A humorous look at the Dostana of two parties in the Uttar Pradesh polls.

Who is the real Gandhi?

Who is the real Gandhi? Here is a cartoon that makes you laugh and think at the same time!

Only Dr. Swamy can teach a lesson

Is Congress celebrating false euphoria? Didn't the Magistrate say to re-submit for specific documents?

The Art of the TRP

Does it appear as if Both RaGa and AK are trying to use the same play book? The Art of the TRP!

Is Ramu Kaka to blame for all the scams?

Is there a concerted effort to try and pin scams on Ramu Kaka? A humorous look at today's politics.

Opposition busy tickling the public

Is Opposition tickling the Public?

Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account hacked

Much has been written and said about Rahul Gandhi's twitter account getting hacked. Here is a humorous look at it.


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