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Burma needs support to fight Islamic terrorism by Rohingya ARSA

WHO ARE THE ROHINGYAS? The Rohingya crisis needs to be understood in a historical context. In 1946, Burma requested the British to merge with India....

Deep-Rooted Conspiracy: Who Brought Rohingyas To Jammu

The Supreme Court of India is all set to hear PILs against and in favour of Rohingya Muslims on October 13. Those urging the Union...

ISI behind Rohingya crisis

Several Muslim organisations in India and their patrons in the sickular Establishment are championing the cause of Rohingya Muslim refugees. Congress MLA Asif...

A Big Conspiracy: Rohingyas Occupying Strategic Locations In Jammu

Rohingyas have set up a market in the Narwal area called “Burmese Market” It is absolutely clear now. Rohingya Muslims from far off...

Rohingyas Issue: Jammu’s Patience Is Ending

The fast-deteriorating situation in Jammu needs to be viewed Things in Jammu seemingly are heading towards a full-scale confrontation between Jammu civil society...


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