ISI behind Rohingya crisis

Rohingya Muslims were strategically placed in Jammu by ISI to change the demographics of the area.

Atah Ullah Khan, Rohingya terror mastermind.
Atah Ullah Khan, Rohingya terror mastermind.

Several Muslim organisations in India and their patrons in the sickular Establishment are championing the cause of Rohingya Muslim refugees. Congress MLA Asif Shaikh Rashid of the communally-sensitive Malegaon in Maharashtra even went to the extent of welcoming and appealing to these refugees to make the town their new home.

The ISI trained a Karachi-born Rohingya Atah Ullah Khan in guerilla warfare and helped him set up Harakha al-Yaqeen or the Movement of the Faithful, a terrorist outfit with strong international jihadi links.

None of these people had a word of sympathy for the 3.5 lakh Hindus who were attacked, raped and forced to leave the Kashmir valley by Pak-backed Islamist terrorists.

Yet when 1.5 lakh Rohingyas illegally entered India (thanks to corrupt officials of the Border Security Force) after being rejected by the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh, then pseudos and several Muslim bodies started championing their cause with alacrity.

It is said that these refugees are victims of “genocide” practised by the Myanmarese army. But nobody asks why the army has ordered a crackdown in Rakhine region of Myanmar where a bulk of these Rohingya Muslims lives.

Even though discontent has been brewing in Rakhine region among the Rohingyas over their perceived discrimination by the Buddhist majority, it wasn’t until the protests took a violent form that the Myanmarese authorities sat up and took serious notice of the situation.

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, in tandem with China, discovered a perfect opportunity to create trouble in India’s eastern flank. The ISI trained a Karachi-born Rohingya Atah Ullah Khan in guerilla warfare and helped him set up Harakha al-Yaqeen or the Movement of the Faithful, a terrorist outfit with strong international jihadi links. Khan’s parents had shifted to Mecca and this gave him access to fundamentalist elements there. A committee of Rohingya extremists was formed in Mecca to oversee the affairs of Harakah al-Yaqeen with Wahabi Islamic scholar Zabiur Rahman providing theological support.

It was Rahman who got Islamic clerics in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Pakistan to issue fatwas to the Rohingyas Rakhine to support Harakah al-Yaqeen.

According to the International Crisis Group, the formation of the Harakah in 2012 was a “game changer” at the ground level in Rakhine.

On October 9 last year the Harakah launched a major offensive against three army posts, including an armoury. Several security personnel were killed and weapons were stolen. The attackers, who were well trained, even targeted the local security headquarters by using sophisticated IEDs.

On November 12, a senior army officer was killed. This sounded alarm bells in the army H.Q. in Yangon. It was clear that a full-fledged insurgency was on in Rakhine region with civilian support. The army did what any other army facing a similar situation would have done — launched a massive operation to crush the insurgency.

Many of the Rohingyas who have entered India are not mere refugees. They are trained guerrillas who have escaped arrest by the Myanmarese army. They pose a huge security risk to our nation. The fact that they are guided by the ISI is clear from the fact that a sizable number of the refugees have parked themselves in Jammu as part of a demographic aggression.

The Central government is fully justified in forcing these refugees to return to their country. But it should also take to task BSF personnel whose laxity enabled the entry of such a large number of Rohingyas into India.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. Can someone help to translate the interview please?

    The entire family, including husbands who were killed by Muslim Rohingya terrorists, Wreath of this Hindu Nation!

    Rohingya Muslim terrorists describe the killing of two teenage families ….

    Burmese Rohingya terrorists have made lost husband and all the lost lives of Hindus living in poverty

    Husain and Sassari lost poorly, innocent, innocent to Muslim-Rohingya terrorists in Phaiara Bazar in Rakhine state ….

    Bangladesh-Myanmar’s joint Rohingya Muslim terrorists are cutting Hindus like a jar

    The words of the Hindu teen Princess lost the entire family from Myanmar.

  2. It is sad to note India has lost its Bahrathiya Values.India helped East Pakistanis to win fredom,gave home to the fleeing Zorastrians, welcomed the Tibetanswer. NOW,India has lost its humane soul.Extremists Hindu nationalists have brought hatred.Pray wise Counsel prevails and Mr Modi and co bring sanity.

    • If someone can’t see India’s national and security interests s/he could be one of these (1) a Communist (who have been fed on perverse and failed leftist ideology which teaches to hate anything that is remotely Indian/Hindu). This is the same ideology which has not been able to showcase anything on economic and social development front for last 60 years that they were occupying seat of power in India and hence resorting to mindless violence and destruction as seen in cases of Naxal or jihadi movements or (2) someone who has been compromised by offering monetary ‘rewards’ (cash or kind) by the Abrahamic religious preachers, who are out to break India (3) a plain simple ignorant who, despite the rich online resources, doesn’t learn (primarily due to lack of competence)

      No one can help people like these. They are destined to suffer in poverty and ignorance

    • Why are you opposing India’s national and security interests? Is Islam more important to you than the nation? I’m a Hindu but I don’t hesitate to write it on a public platform that if ever there is a conflict between my nation and my religion, I’ll stand for my nation. Please say so if you believe India and Indian national interest is paramount to you than any religion?

      If one were a nation loving Islamist, one would never oppose deportation of Rohingyas who have a proven nexus with Jihadi terrorist groups in POK and ISI

  3. Hindus are out in Kashmir. Violence is being organised to divide Hindus. Love Jihad is in full swing Dr V in Kerala. Mamta busy with jihadis in Bengal. In Karnataka Congis are busy dividing lingayats. The sickularists are busy supplying stones to fight Modi. We need to get out of snoring life


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