Is MLA-napping becoming a new normal?

In a wide ranging discussion, Prof. RV talks to PGurus on how Democracy is becoming Demock-racy by citing MLA-napping

44 MLAs of Gujarat Assembly were herded together by Ahmed Patel to ensure his election to the Rajya Sabha, with some help from unknown forces who conspired to get a result that was stunning in its precision!

Now T T D Dinakaran has whisked away MLAs who are loyal to him to Mysore, after brief stays in Tirupati (Govinda-Gooovinda!), Puducheri (where the fine things in life are available) and then back to Chennai (was that a course correction attempt?!) and now at Mysore! All this at taxpayers’ expense while the MLAs are behaving like sheep.

In a wide ranging discussion, Prof. RV talks to PGurus on how Democracy is becoming Demock-racy!

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Sree Iyer

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  1. What is lacking in our Constitution is the lack of a true pyramidal system. The common man should elect only the Municipal/Panchayat councillors. These councillors should elect the MLAs of the region and the MLAs of the Regions should elect the MP as well as the Chief Minister. Thus, each elected representative will represent a limited constituency and will be forced to take care of his constituency. True national integration will happen at the top level, when the MPs will be forced to accept compromises for the sake of the Nation.