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The looters are nimble while our practices & laws are democratic...

The corporate entities are calculated and cunning, forever on nimble feet Even as the massive Punjab National Bank fraud continues to be an endless drama,...

Fleecing taxpayers to fatten fraudsters

Great fortunes will continue to be built—by fleecing the taxpayers Behind every great fortune, wrote the French author Honore de Balzac, lies a great crime—or...




Election Commission of India – Treading on thin Ice

Election Commission of India – Treading on thin Ice

The ECI cannot place restrictions upon the enjoyment of statutory rights or constitutional rights by invoking Article 324, which is a source of merely executive authority. The curtain has...
Regardless of who wins Uttar Pradesh seats

Regardless of who wins Uttar Pradesh seats, Congress is doomed as a poor contender

The inability of the Congress’s dynasty to turn the party’s fortunes in the country’s most critical state — and repeatedly so over the last...
Is USCIRF suffering from Hinduphobia or Islamania? While complaining that India did not allow it to visit, how then did they rank India?video

In conversation with Hindu Activist Manga Anantatmula on why she feels USCIRF should be...

2019 USCIRF Annual Report on India by PGurus on Scribd