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How is Budget 2018 beneficial for the Middle Class?

This government is the one which has actually given the most to the salaried middle class and we are planning to remove the same...

Don’t Under-estimate the Middle class

The BJP should not forget that it is the middle class which brought it to power...It can also unseat it. The Bhakts are criticizing the...

Social Security Payments : Tax or Savings

Developing countries like India aim to increase their tax to GDP ratio to address deficits in their domestic budgets In public accounts of...

Holier than -The Cow

All political parties united against taxing agricultural income The Cow has been an issue of intense debates since BJP came to power. Arun...

Half your fuel bill is in taxes but governments still ravenous

Despite the crash in the global prices of crude oil, the consumers are being denied a decent and deserving cut in their transport fuel...

Government doctor’s certificate for tax benefits not needed: Ministry

PerformanceGurus Staff New Delhi, Oct 14 The requirement of producing a government specialist doctor's certificate for availing tax benefits on expenditure incurred on treatment...


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