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Temple Freedom Bill shouldn’t fail, but it will

What special-interest groups need is a keen understanding of legislative process, and levers that influence it. Core natives” and “indigenous communities” in India have historically...

Archakas condemn illegal arrest of Pujari Ramasharma

The Temples protection movement demands that the case against B Ramasharma be withdrawn. He should be reinstated and his suspension revoked. Chilkur Balaji Temple Archaka...

Sattology – FREE Temples, Let Sanatana Dharma Breathe

The roots of Sanatana Dharma are very deep in India so much so that people born in India cannot escape from its effect. Sanatana Dharma...

Sabarimala: Zero knowledge of temple: Science harming Hinduism – II

Part 1 of this series can be 'accessed ' here. This is Part 2. Effect of negative ions on menstruating women. Menstruation, a process vital for...

Sabarimala: Zero knowledge of temple: Science harming Hinduism – I

Temple is the house of God established with rules & regulations aimed at giving certain benefits to not just the devotee but to everyone in the vicinity With the...

Is the Tamil Nadu Government scared of Pon Manickavel?

Pon Manickavel is a star cop who has been cracking down on the heritage mafia, arresting high-profile smugglers, and also corrupt officials Pon Manickavel, an...

God welcomes His hater!

Stalin, during his ‘Namakku Name’ tour, went to some temples and spoke to some priests, in the hope of covering Hindu votes The other day...

Subramanian Swamy’s article – Fundamentals of the Sri Rama Temple

Fundamentals of the Sri Rama Temple Subramanian Swamy True and devout Hindus believe that Bhagvan Sri Rama was born in Ayodhya, the then capital of a...


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