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Another explosive book on Trump – “Fear” by Bob Woodward

The anticipated book Fear is yet another bombshell on Trump, in which they have called him, an Idiot, Liar, sixth grader etc., and the...

American Politicians under fire

The indictment of politicians will give the right signals, that nobody is above law and this will restore faith in the judicial system In the...

Corporation and Nation

Big American corporations are “American” only because they’re headquartered and legally incorporated in the United States Trump and congressional Republicans are engineering the largest corporate...

Destabilizing America From Within

The new avatar that could tip the scales and severely scar America President Trump’s first five months in office have truly been action...

Trojan horse in Trump Govt flays India

Trojan horse in Trump Govt flays India The US Commission for International Religious Freedom’s (USCIRF’s) latest report slamming India for “a deterioration” of...
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