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Dow down 7% – Time to buy?

The Dow Jones has lost close to 1700 points in the last two trading days - what is going on? Should the average investor...

Buffett sees a prosperous America

In this sitdown interview with Poppy Harlow CNN, legendary investor Warren Buffett reflects on the upcoming Trump Presidency (he was an ardent supporter of...

In AmEx we trust, says Buffett

Warren Buffett and Charles Munger recognized that American Express (AmEx) Co.’s company model is under threat while affirming their decision to hold onto the...

Buffett says that America is fine despite what some think

On January 18th, as the news outlets were predicting a recession for the United States of America, I had written that the converse is...

Facebook ads exploiting the user through nano targeting

Researchers demonstrate that Facebook’s ads technologies may target specific individual According to the paper written by a team of academics and computer scientists from Spain...
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