Buffett sees a prosperous America

Buffett shares his thoughts on what makes America a great country and what the future holds.

In this sitdown interview with Poppy Harlow CNN, legendary investor Warren Buffett reflects on the upcoming Trump Presidency (he was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton). Here are a few salient points from this talk.

What makes America great: It is the system. It has thrived for decades and in my lifetime, the per-capita GDP of a person has gone up six-fold. Regardless of who the President is, it has checks and balances and things right themselves.

How is America different now: A hundred years ago, if two adjacent farmers had respectively an IQ of 90 and 130, no matter how smartly they farmed, the difference in wealth creation was less than 10%. Today, if you have a high IQ and are willing to work hard, you can be tremendously successful, thanks to the knowledge economy.

Will America’s Stock market be affected by a Trump Presidency? Absolutely not. Regardless of who’s the president, the Stock Market will do well.

Will Trump impose a 35% tariff on imports from Mexico? If you do that, the other side will do the same. I seriously doubt NAFTA will be scrapped.

State of the US Economy: It is slower than what people think.

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