The secret of India’s success in the Olympics

An insightful look at what it takes to succeed in the Olympics.

An insightful look at what it takes to succeed in the Olympics.
An insightful look at what it takes to succeed in the Olympics.

What does it take to succeed in the Olympics?

In the Olympics, in quite a few sports Indian individuals/ teams are in the top four/ five. Beyond this stage, medals are more of a chance. A shot that has taken a fraction of a second early or late can take one to gold.

So, countries like the US and China win so many medals because their players are in the top four in a very large number of sports.

International sports are a very costly affair. Nutrition and training have to start early in life. This is achieved in capitalist countries by families themselves who are rich in very large proportion in population.. in addition to that, big Corporations spot talent early and sponsor them, to benefit from them later in endorsements. A mutually beneficial relationship.

In socialist countries where governments want to showcase the success of their rule, governments spot the talent early and then keep them in sports institutes, the factories of medals, to train and feed them. In such countries players are Potemkin players, not reflecting the actual state of progress of the society.[1]

So, if we in India wish to win medals in many dozens, we will have to make either of the above two choices. We tentatively do the second, but because our ruling class is mediocre and corrupt, they don’t do even that well. They choose the talent based on bribes/ various prejudices, and money meant for their training is also stolen.[2]

So, our best bet is to go fully capitalist. We will become richer, and our children will have the nutrition and equipment to win a large number of medals.


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