The threat to Bharat from carrion scavengers

Every Bharatiya needs to strengthen the national fight against this pandemic and not fall prey to the toxic anti-Bharat narrative spun by these carrion scavengers

Every Bharatiya needs to strengthen the national fight against this pandemic and not fall prey to the toxic anti-Bharat narrative spun by these carrion scavengers
Every Bharatiya needs to strengthen the national fight against this pandemic and not fall prey to the toxic anti-Bharat narrative spun by these carrion scavengers

As the more virulent second wave of Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus hit Bharat very hard from early April 2021, the nation has seen unprecedented and out-of-control human tragedies. From a situation of near-success against the first version of the pandemic, the affected numbers have multiplied many-fold breaching the existing infrastructure and other capacities. Be it, hospital beds, medical staff, medicines, oxygen, ambulances or other equipments needed to face such a massive upswing in numbers, no country could have been prepared. While the Government of India had given advisories to many states about the impending second wave, it is a fact that neither the Central government nor the State governments did anything substantive to augment their capacities and capabilities to face the second wave.

In early March 2021, the active cases across the country stood at about 1,50,000, but in less than 3 weeks, the daily infections shot beyond 3,50,000. The staggering number itself shows the virulent nature of the second attack. While scientists are still researching the characteristics of the new mutations, it is very apparent that the ferocity of transmission in the second wave is rapid and aggressive.

Instead of taking responsibility in tackling the pandemic, the State government indulged in petty politics of blaming the Central government for its own failures.

When the hospitals and medical facilities were overwhelmed with numbers far beyond their servicing capacities, tragedies were inevitable. Several hundred died due to a shortage of oxygen cylinders, several more died for lack of hospital beds, and many more died for the shortage of critical life-saving medicines. To the families that lost their dear ones, even a single death is one too many. Their pain would naturally drive them to seek answers for the failure of the system. Compounding this tragedy, the strain of disposing of their dear ones due to lack of crematorium facilities or sufficient burial grounds, rubbed salt into their wounds.

During every human tragedy, there will be vultures of prey who feast on the tragedies and vulnerabilities of the victims. From black-marketing the medicines, hospital beds, oxygen supplies, other needed equipment and materials, these vultures of prey exploited even the dead by extracting exorbitant amounts for transportation, cremation or burial of the dead.

While there will be birds of prey feasting on every tragedy, this second wave of the pandemic has seen much worse scavengers of the carrion.

Political Scavengers

Health is a state subject as per the Indian Constitution. During the first phase of the pandemic, the Central government had taken charge of tackling the pandemic at the national level, whether pertaining to the decisions on lockdown or economic support to the vulnerable. The political opponents had then cried foul that the Central government was infringing on the rights of the State governments and thus going against the federal structure. As the nation opened up its economy and managed to handle the pandemic in an effective manner, matched only by a handful of countries across the globe, the Central government passed on the decision-making choices to the states. When the UK and Brazil mutations happened, WHO (World Health Organization) warned of a potential deadly second wave, the Central government passed on the advisories to the vulnerable state governments. Yet when the second wave actually hit the nation, none of the states was geared up to face it. The time available to them between the unlock down – and the start of phase II was not utilized enough to ramp up their capacities. No State government added additional hospitals, beds, medical and health workers, nor focused on augmenting their material and equipment supply lines. Instead of coordinating and cooperating with other State governments and Central government, many State governments ruled by opposition parties chose to politicize the tragedy and shift blame to the Modi government instead. Maharashtra being a super-spreader in the second wave, the State government was too busy with hafta-vasooli/ extortions, rather than preparing for the pandemic. Had it shown even a fraction of urgency and seriousness it showed in demolishing Kangana Ranaut’s property or arresting Arnab Goswami by reopening an old closed case, in augmenting its resources, the state would not have seen such innumerable tragedies. Instead of taking responsibility in tackling the pandemic, the State government indulged in petty politics of blaming the Central government for its own failures.

The Delhi government headed by Arvind Kejriwal was busy supplying biryani and broadband to the middlemen who had blocked roads outside Delhi protesting against the farm laws. He was busy promoting himself on all media platforms. In the last 6 years of his rule, the Aam Aadmi Party government didn’t construct a single new hospital, the mohalla clinics that he touted were nowhere to be seen in dealing with the second wave. His own MLA from the minority community was seen hoarding more than 600 oxygen cylinders which could have saved many lives. Apparently, these were exclusively reserved for use by the minority community vote-bank of AAP. Influential people close to the ruling party in Delhi were seen as black-marketing medicines and oxygen concentrators. To gain political mileage from this tragedy, the Delhi CM broadcasted live a crucial meeting that the PM had called with the CMs to discuss the pandemic. He played to the galleries and was seen pleading with the Prime Minister for additional oxygen supplies as he preyed on the vulnerabilities of the people who were dying for the lack of oxygen, the idea was to show that PM was heartless. A similar panic was created in the courts when the Delhi government painted a grim picture on oxygen supplies, forcing the lordships to threaten the Central government of contempt of court. However, when the Central government asked for conducting an audit of the oxygen supplies, the Delhi government refused and ran away from that. It was very apparent that Kejriwal tried to cover up the Delhi government’s mismanagement by shifting the blame to the Central government. He even tried to buy off the loyalty of the press and the judiciary to stave off any blame coming his way. He spent more than Rs.150 crores on advertisements to silence the media and offered to convert a 5-star hotel into an exclusive Corona facility for the HC judges and staff, thus trying to gain their support. Mr Hemant Soren, CM of Jharkhand, tried to take political mileage by tweeting against the PM after a call between them to review the pandemic. Heading one of the worst-hit states, he tried to shift the blame to PM to avoid public scrutiny of his failures.

Media Scavengers

A pandemic of this magnitude is bound to leave many tragic stories behind. It sees no caste, race, gender, religion, status, region or age. It has consumed youngsters and senior citizens, celebrities and commoners, men women and children alike and spared no one. However, the media scavengers picked stories to create specific narratives which are detrimental to the nation. The thin line between constructive opposition of the government’s failures versus narratives against the nation or its culture got erased by these media persons. The photographs and videos of mass cremations were nothing short of cannibalistic voyeurism. The homegrown media sold these images to the western media online at exorbitant prices. The basic dignity and privacy were deprived to departed fellow humans and huge money was made. A senior journalist was spinning her vicious narrative sitting among burning pyres of a crematorium. Instead of expressing basic human courtesy of condolences, these media scavengers laughed and abused the death of a young news anchor Rohit Sardana, the reason was that he opposed their ideologies. This cabal of media scavengers hunts in packs posting the same messages from all their handles. These media scavengers started blaming Modi and conveniently ignored or covered up the failures of the State governments. They even went to the extent of praising the administrations of Uddhav Thackeray and Arvind Kejriwal advising Modi to learn from them. Maharashtra saw accidents and fires in seven hospitals resulting in the death of several Coronavirus patients, none of these media scavengers spoke a word against State governments’ accountability for these tragedies. Media hypocrisy was again exposed when it accused the Modi government of failure on the vaccination front, while it was the same cabal that had opposed vaccinations, especially Covaxin of Bharat Biotech before the second wave of pandemic hit. While cases of lakhs of infections are reported, lakhs of people getting discharged from hospitals daily is not reported. In the process of opposing Modi and his government, these media scavengers have committed the crime of shielding the real culprits and portraying Bharat in poor light before the rest of the world.

While the governments and the political parties slug it out to tackle this crisis, it is important for every patriotic Bharatiya to strengthen the national fight against this pandemic, and not get carried away by the toxic anti-Bharat narratives spun by these carrion scavengers.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Giridhar Mamidi is a Hyderabad-based Indologist and is currently State Vice President at Pragna Bharati Telangana, a nationalist think-tank and he also serves as an advisor with other like-minded organizations. He is a well known TV panelist debating onsocio-political, economic, national and geostrategic affairs. He has been conducting continuous daily webinars on various national and international issues, especially related to history, culture and foreign policy, with eminent scholars and experts drawn from all over the world on Pragna Bharati platform, since two months, during the ongoing Covid lockdown phase.

He has visited 30+ sites associated with the Mahabharata and Vedic period, especially Harappan sites in India. Of special interest is traveling along the course of the extinct River Saraswati. Understanding and rediscovering the forgotten Hindu past of Kashmir has been an abiding interest and he has extensively visited kashmir including militancy affected areas.

Giridhar Mamidi is a trained Chartered Accountant with an additional degree in Law. In his long career, he has worked as CFO in Punj Lloyd Saudi Arabia, Unibeton Ready-mix UAE, as group head at ERP Al Faraa group and in DLF Offices and IT Parks Delhi. Prior to that, he has worked as Finance Head in Google India and ADP India.
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  1. In India vultures/scavengers disappeared two decades ago! I do not say they are extinct now! Instead of calling pressitutes of all hues as carrion scavengers (their children are studying in USA/China) I would like to say Bharat is facing threats from our own hyenas/ coyotes with Hindu names and such coyotes in America have been used to swarm with two million illegal immigrants under Biden-Harris admin in just four months and the leftist taken over the USA hence the biggest and the oldest democracies are under a size more so India from within, from Islamic nations and Numero Uno China. For instance such hyenas/ coyotes are in India masterly used by Commies, Cong-I and TMC to build their respective three Crore vote banks in the country reminding us for an urgent reforms in internal security, admin and judiciary! There is no point in blaming the biased MSM and digital media because the Indian Admin steering is with UPA 3.0 and BJP’s NDA 2.0 is confused whether it’s a ruling party or an opposition party (old habits die hard)!

    Usually developing an efficacious Vaccine the inventors/producers in the labs usually need a minimum of 4 years and 6 years max having several levels of clinical trials with articles published in peer mags too! China Virus vaccine came out in just One year and hence controversies all around with our copy cats having planned poorly at Niti Ayog, Advisors to PM thus GOI erred in arriving at vaccination jabs based on 2011 and messed up in vaccine price tags due to Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence PMO Governance Concept followed for seven years now thereby CMOs followed suit! All are leaders and no followers. GOI health secretaries and advisors did not perform their duties and failed to do follow ups with their counter parts at all levels in the country soon after the GOI allocation of Covid funds last year.

    The incumbent BJP regime trained for decades by RSS think tank celebrated prematurely with first statement studded with moti-churr ladoo in Feb 2021 promising supplying vaccines for the whole world and self-patting Jalebi statement issued in March 2021 at the backdrop of guessing Wuhan Virus having a dozen variants shall be a milder ones (like our weak opposition parties) and did not place massive purchase orders to buy Vaccines in advance from SII and Bharat Biotech. Whatever funds were available with both manufacturers were spent, coffers were left empty and as an obligation exported 6.63 Crores to 95 countries along with 6 Crores vaccines used in India minus 8% wastage instead of acceptable 2%.

    It’s the State Govts responsibility to arrange logistics to ferry medical Oxygen to the respective ancient government hospitals / shapeless PHCs since Health comes under their purview also. It is reported that Central Govt disbursed Covid funds/from PM cares to do the needful but state Govts swindled it before the arrival of second Amanush wave! Does State Govts have money to buy vaccines against their respective global tenders? Let’s see how CAG comes out with its report!!

    Anarchist Kejriwal and AAP are funded by external forces and judgement always comes in their favour and he escapes with good timing and alacrity. AAP’s basti clinics are a fraud and do not exist but only one sample existed during election campaigning season recently to win elections! Kejriwal’s Kharagpur IIT admin model lacking in adequate health support systems got exposed in his backyard. Hence NTC was a good decision to save our Capitals Image!

    The State and Central governments are harming future generations with their current China Virus casualties ‘under reporting data procedures” thereby misleading genomic sequencing state wise thus at a future date arriving with a poor mathematical modelling of our own. We need 30 genome labs to do research. It was reported that still ICMR is following old prescriptions for covid19 patients!

    This time around PM should have picked up courage to declare National Medical Emergency if not clamped President’s rule at least in Delhi, Maharashtra and WB States because for nearly seven years now NDA Govt did very little to silence Made in India and Make in India abuses under free speech license nearly one hindered anti-national media negative ground reporters and half a dozen TV channels having scams and FIRs registered against them still dare to spread doubts with banner headline narratives 24/7.When it’s found that APP party men were hoarding 600 plus oxygen cylinders why our laws are silent and why suomotto case was not taken up? Hence, Carrion scavengers hyenas/cayotes will continue to rule and twist facts and figures and mould minds of the gullible as long as the Nation’s HM practices Maun Vrat of his own! If we Google search something worthwhile NDTV, Print, Wire et al appear first why? Naturally international media under FDI automatic route is jealous of us and seized an opportunity to play 1000 driving,slashing,base and sole guitars!

    Henceforth, temple priests must ban performing Chandi Homams for politicians who perform it just to gain power and pelf without responsibility and accountability.

    Our nationalism or Bharateyata is shown during corrupt “racket” under the banner IPL Cricket match played against Pakistan only at the backdrop of withholding Rs.9000 Crore transactions peer day nationwide! Our captains in the industry imported China goods / equipment.

    Aatmanirbharta is very much abused before it was launched!

    Let the following Dhanvantri Mantra bless all Sanatani Bharateeyas, agnostics, resident non Indians and others:-

    Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya Dhanvantaraye Amrita-kalasha HastaayaSarva-amaya Vinashaaya Trailokya Naathaya Maha-vishnave Namaha.

  2. Bharat is a karma Bhoomi. It has huge unwanted and unutilised population. Nature and karma are doing their job.

    Pseudo Democracy and freedom of press have become a weapon for foreign evil forces. Like how British ruled India with native Indian police , the evil forces through electronic money transfers are manipulating Indian administration and creating false narratives. No criminal gets punished as the legal system has many loopholes.

    Who are to blame for these affairs ? Indians and mostly Hindus who lack national spirit. Who gave power to Kejriwal, commies , atheists or Thackeray, it is Hindus. Anyhow karma has a role here.

    Once a Spiritual Swami was invited to lecture in South India.He closed his eyes and maintained silence, when his deputy nudged him to speak. Swamiji opened his eyes and commented “ To whom can I speak, I see vultures, snakes, scorpions, jackals , pigs etc” and left the hall. So among 130 crore population at least 100 crores may have upgraded into humans for first time. Hence we see people with all type of animal characteristics amongst us. This is part of Shristi and work of Divinity. Only solution is take life as it suits you and fight back like how Arjuna did.

    Mahabharata has already shown us how divinity functions.Even Krishna could not prevent destruction of humanity and humanity always faced wars. We are now becoming aware of happenings in the world due to technology and let us be prepared of various types of wars including biological war, media war, technology war and attacks by animals living amongst in human form. India has survived from time immemorial and will survive in future a land where sages are also living amongst us. I can see pain in the authors article, a true nationalist.


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