Three things BJP must do to succeed in Kerala, Conversation with Mohandas T G

With thousands of its karyakartas still in jail, will BJP manage to overcome the strategic voting that takes place in Kerala and make a mark in 2019? Mohandas T G discusses...


  1. Kerala needs full time politicians who will communicate through various modes of interactions including Facebook live to continuously update about political stands and achievements of the party. It also need to find ways to break the coalitions and find leaders who may not join BJP but is willing to fight the elections to break the stranglehold of UDF and LDF either as rebels or independents

  2. Sir,The only pros you said of modi govt are Aadhar & minimum food program. Both were initiated by UPA and BJP was against aadhar at that time. So it delayed to reach people. Pls think about it too.

  3. TG sir spoke at length about Kerala ‘s present situation. I wish to ask him ,what Kerala BJP did to highlight the good work done by Modi government?
    Not just Sabarimala alone will fetch votes,BJP should point out the good work done by the govt to the common man. Example. Housing for the poor (PMAY) .. people get the money ,since it is coming from panchayat, people think that it is CpM that gives the money.


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