Having started the Chowkidar debate, is Congress whining now?

Now that the Chowkidar debate has blown up in the face of Congress, is it whining and out of narratives? How will they recover? Watch this debate


  1. One of the watchman in our office in Chennai told on DBT the following.

    He had an account in Yes Bank and the same was linked to Aadar. He was getting the subsidy for gas etc on that. But because he did not maintain required balance his account was debited INR 300 month and whatever subsidy came was eaten away by the bank. So he closed that account.

    He used to get sms that the DBT failed.

    After that he got another employment and they opened salary account in SBI. Now this was linked to Aadhar. In this already two years passed away.

    On the day he linked withAadar, within few min he started receiving SMS that the subsidies have started crediting in to his new account.

    He got the subsidy for two full years.

    This is the system Mr Modi has created


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