US Elections 2020: The Democratic dissonance

Democratic Party has been insensitive to Indian and Hindu sensibilities. Hence there's a clear case for the Indian American community and Hindu Americans to exercise a tectonic shift in political preference across the US in the Nov 2020 elections.

Democratic Party has been insensitive to Indian and Hindu sensibilities. Hence there's a clear case for the Indian American community and Hindu Americans to exercise a tectonic shift in political preference across the US in the Nov 2020 elections.
Democratic Party has been insensitive to Indian and Hindu sensibilities. Hence there's a clear case for the Indian American community and Hindu Americans to exercise a tectonic shift in political preference across the US in the Nov 2020 elections.

Indian Americans must review their support for the Democratic Party

The US Presidential election in November 2020 is set for an interesting apotheosis in the immediate aftermath of the Chinese pandemic. Joe Biden defeated Bernie Sanders in the primaries and is expected to formally earn the Democratic nomination to take on President Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders’ defeat has delighted Indian Americans in general and Hindu Americans in particular. Traditionally, Indian Americans have been ardent supporters of the Democratic party. However, Senator Sanders’ support for anti-India opinions, influenced by Hinduphobic staffers in his campaign, did not go well. Besides, his support base also included other rabid anti-India and anti-Hindu Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Pramila Jayapal, and Ro Khanna.

Recent developments over article 370 and CAA seek to strengthen India’s commitment to Democracy and Pluralism. Inclusiveness and mutual respect for other cultures are in the Hindu DNA.

I personally believe anti-India sentiments within the Democratic Party are not a recent phenomenon. The Democratic party has swiveled left in the last few years. These left-liberals, who work well with the ‘Jihadis,’ harbor anti-India, and anti-Hindu feelings and have influenced Democratic opinions for several decades.

Indian Americans must review their support for the Democratic Party and consider alternatives in the upcoming Presidential elections.

I make a case for this tectonic shift. I review the actions of both the Democrats and the Republicans over the last few decades to show that the Democrats have been anti-India in general and anti-Hindu in particular.

I’ll begin with the Clinton Administration.

Several stakeholders in the administration were flaunting a condescending attitude towards India:

  • Firstly, the United States did not even have an Ambassador in India between Jan 1993 and Jun 1994. This betrays India’s position as inconsequential in the eyes of the administration while India was marching ahead with the first set of economic reforms.
  • Secondly, a known India baiter, Robin Raphel was appointed as Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia. She was the ex-wife of the US Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan who died with Zia-Ul-Haq in the plane crash. She kept the Kashmir pot boiling in the South Asia desk in the State Department during Narasimha Rao years. An ardent supporter of Sikh separatism, she advocated for an independent Kashmir during her years. She curried favors for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan within the administration including the repeal of the Pressler Amendment. She caused great harm to the Indo-US relations during her tenure.
  • Thirdly, President Clinton refused to designate the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror despite Republican support.
  • Fourthly, the sale of “Supercomputer” (initial agreement with the Reagan Administration in 1985) was blocked owing to concerns over proliferation notwithstanding India’s impeccable record on non-proliferation and its global standing on matters concerning world peace and security.
  • Fifthly, the administration hawks continued to put pressure on India to sign the CTBT in 1996, but in vain.
  • Lastly, President Clinton imposed sanctions on India soon after Pokhran blasts in 1998. India’s then External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh did a commendable job in resuscitating the relationship through his diplomatic efforts.

I now move on to the Obama Administration which was a disaster for Indian Americans.

  • Robin Raphel rebounded from retirement, to serve as an advisor in the State Department in 2009. She was instrumental in Obama doling out aid to Pakistan, year after year, in the name of whatever. However, the US Government got wind of her activities on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and was subjected to FBI investigation. She was discredited by the US Government (recently in 2016) over suspicions of being a Pakistani asset (this is not fake news).
  • Hilary‘s support for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was seen as annoying. This, despite the Islamic Republic’s support for overt and covert terror attacks on Indian soil.
  • The growing clout of Hinduphobic stakeholders within the Obama Administration led to antithetical positions on Kashmir.
  • It was Joe Biden, who as a Senator way back in 1992 blackmailed Russia over its deal with India on the Cryogenic technology. He is known to have quoted: “This is no minor sale; this is dangerous.” Remember this, readers.

Obama administration pandered to the Islamic Republic despite Republican opposition and warning. Joe Biden’s administration, if elected, won’t be any different, I’d reckon.

Late in 2019, few members of the Democratic Party such as Ro Khanna and Pramila Jayapal raised unfounded concerns over the Indian Parliament’s action on Article 370 & Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

There are no justifiable answers from the Democrats for the following questions and many more:

  1. Why was it so difficult for the Democrats to understand the reason behind the Indian Parliament’s action?
  2. Have they not heard about the Kashmiri Pandit genocide in 1990?
  3. Do Hindu lives not matter at all for the Democratic establishment?
  4. If the person of the caliber of Democratic Senator Dick Durbin can succumb to Hinduphobia then what objectivity and credibility are left of the Democratic Party?

A large percentage of the Indian American community is deeply hurt by the anti-India actions of several members of the Democratic party. It’s just appalling that several members carry deep malice and ill will towards the community who have been their traditional supporters.

This is extremely disturbing.

The leadership of the Democratic party seems to have no control over some members who have become rabidly anti-Indian and anti-Hindu and hence have lost the respect of the Indian American community.

Contrast this with actions of the Republican Party and administration over the years. Republicans have certainly understood Indian feelings and Hindu sensibilities much better.

  • It was a Reagan Administration that was willing to sell India a supercomputer back in the 1980s.
  • Bush Administration was a refreshing breath of fresh air for Indo-US relations, following Clinton’s exit from office.
  • Enron’s exit from India did not have any negative fallout. Bush Administration understood the ground realities of India extremely well.
  • President Bush went out of the way to ensure that the Indo-US Nuclear deal is signed. Obama, who was Senator during the time opposed the deal! Let this be known to Indian American constituents.
  • President Trump has been receptive to the needs of Indian Americans. Be it Article 370, or CAA, his administration has been cognizant of legacy matters.
  • President Trump’s standing on radical Islam is seen as practical and one that recognizes and acknowledges Hindu sensibilities.

Recent developments over article 370 and CAA seek to strengthen India’s commitment to Democracy and Pluralism. Inclusiveness and mutual respect for other cultures are in the Hindu DNA. This goes back 5000+ years at the very least.

Republicans understand this much better. This is sadly missing in the discourse amongst the Democrats.

Democrats are hostage to radical Islamic dollars which is forcing them to show contempt for India and Hindus.

Hence, there’s a clear case for the Indian American community in general and Hindu Americans in particular to exercise a tectonic shift in political preference across the United States in the November 2020 elections.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

I attach great importance to the impact my work has on people’s lives. Be it selecting a family vacation destination or cooking or solving a problem at work, I get immense satisfaction when they enjoy the experience. I am an IT Management professional with a Big4 and financial services background. I specialize in Data Analytics. I am an ardent devotee of Ilaiyaraja songs, a non-fiction reader, former cricketer, traveler, photographer, Indic learner, and an evolving writer. I usually brag about the Chicago Bulls & the Michael Jordan era. I am a Chicago Chapter Coordinator for Indic Academy.
Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan


  1. Completely disagree! I can take this as one person’s opinion, but not an expert’s argument. What credentials do yo have, Ramsundar? Very poorly corroborated evidence to back up your points. To base your voting decision only on how U.S. is toward India and not on how Indian Americans living here or aspiring to emigrate here is too flimsy. If you feel pro-Hindu issues are not given importance by political leaders, which I agree is happening, then why don’t you set up think tanks or approach established think tanks to see how your message can be more attractive and politically viable? Learn to play in the big leagues now. If you really want to muster support, then come up with a broad human rights appeal. Supporting Trump is like making a pact with a cobra which will bite you for sure. This guy is anti-Indian students and workers and ruining the immigration system here and you feel he’s good for India!

  2. I became a US Citizen 3 years ago right after trump won. Although trump maybe a motor mouth, as an Indian & Hindu American i have to pick the worst poison. Biden and the current Democratic Party supports communism and Islamist. This will facilitate more genocide of Hindus like in Kashmir or Bangladesh. Trump has stood strong on Islamism. He is also right that American workers must get jobs first. Shouldn’t India put Indians first? So H1B tightening is justified. We all know H1B visa has a lot of fraud and needs to be tightened so that only the best are allowed to come. Infosys et all replacing American workers is not the purpose of H1B and is not in the interest of American Hindus either.

  3. The articles rationale for the Indian Americans to support the GOP is very reasonable. But the question of the day is where is the GOP? Trump killed the soul of the Republican Party the day the party nominated him as their presidential candidate. He did everything to destroy the GOP and convert it as a Trump’s party. Is it not obvious that all the Republican senators are enslaved by him except Romney? So, the moot question is, who do you want to support? Trump or GOP?

  4. Very interesting to see the Indians living in America wanting to support. I can understand why Indian Americans want to support GOP but that amounts to supporting Trump. No American will dispute the fact that Trump is a liar, high school bully, failed businessman, admirer of dictators like Putin and Xi and above all a white supremacist. Now, this account of his character is neither hoax nor fake news. How on earth any sane person could support a person who suggested to inject disinfectants to treat Corona virus? Is it not proof enough that his IQ is pathetic, that he is not a grown up adult, that he is not a matured person, that everything is about himself, that he is dancing to the tune of Putin. Thanks to James Comey’s idiotic decision to reopen the email investigation that catapulted Trump to the Oval office. The only thing he has successfully executed is pitting the whites against the rest. By his transactional style of administration, he has isolated himself and America from the global affairs. Four more years is not only dangerous for USA but also for the world. If he gets four more years, he will try to change the constitution and try to become a president for life like Putin and Xi. Is that what the Indian Americans want? May God save America and the world from the future dictator.

  5. One of a kind OP article that’s written calling out the pseudo Indian American politicians who failed to understand basic emotions attached to the reversal of Reunification of Kashmir Into Indian Union. Please do add Kshama Sawant to the list of pseudo politicians who attempted and succeeded to bring resolutions in local
    City council in Seattle against current BJP government action.

  6. Very good & meaningful article. Should rekindle the thought of those Indians living in US, either as supporters of Dems or are undecided.
    We all Indians, except Congis, Communists, so called Jihadis, Sonia’s Dhobiwalas like MMSingh, PC etc., and Lutiyens, .. are for Mr.Trump. Hope & pray Mr.Trump win the 2020 President elections.

  7. Very well written article and quite persuasive for Trump win. I am in the middle of this argument for myself. While the nexus between Modi and Trump is strong and Trump is good for India. Biden, regrettably, is already speaking against CAA, as one example. But I wonder about is Trump’s support for “White America,” and creating chaos and uncertainty about H1B visa policy (which hurts far too many Indians and India). Any suggestions from the members of this group to balance our political and personal interests both in the U.S. and India. Trump’s undiplomatic approach, lack of sensitivity, ego, mostly self-serving agenda are bothersome.

  8. November 2020 elections will be repeat of 2016 elections. Everyone expected Clinton to sail through but true Americans know who is true leader and administrator. This article should be a stern reminder to American Indians to craft their destiny sensibly. Trump means Trump card to Indians. A nice person . He is hated by fake media and drug mafia of South America and Mexico. Truly a living Jesus like Bhagwan Modiji.

  9. Excellent and convincing write up.
    Dems are like our Dynasty lead Congress-I party, highly corrupt and anti Indian. I guess Jimmy Carter was better.

    Bernie is like our Commies takes money and retires or gets defeated in primaries!
    Biden is an anti Indian right from the word go.Michel Obama “so low so high sloganeering may be his VP mate!

    Obama is like our Pappu cheats us with Hindu God photo in his pocket! Indian media gone ga ga over it

    Republicans are trust worthy and sophisticated. Trump’s decision on H1 Visas to Indians is blown out of proportions here especially by Lutyens media and nonsense Telugu media.
    Trump too is new to politics and he has to look after solving unemployment issue in his backyard. President Trump calls a spade a shovel.

    He is the best Pro Indo-US friendship proponent.PM Modi should have agreed for a deal on Afghan military proposal and should not have gone in for complicated S400….Chinese moles sitting inside it.

    US Indian Citizens must vote Reps. Indians should remember that US is a world Economic, Opportunities, innovations emanating Engine of Growth and India /Indians benefit if, Reps are elected once again.


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