US Elections and beyond – what it means for the world #Elections2020

US Elections and beyond - what it means for the world #Elections2020


  1. Continuing my earlier comment, I wanted to say that please dont insult the USA as a whole or attribute deficits to it that truly are perpetrated by the oppressive global left. Your comments about inner city decay and destruction, healthcare anamolies etc are all traceable to the vile fascist prescriptive policies that have dominated the left governments throughout the world. So by bundliing those failures with the conservatives’ ethics and philosophies you have shot the conservatives and yourself in the foot, thereby alienated your most powerful potential allies and friends. You should understand the political philosophical underpinnings of your commentaries because your enemy has the smartest, richest and most powerful brains behind it. If you are naive, you will stand the proverbial snowball’s chance in you know where in preventing your cultural destruction.

  2. Mr Iyer & Mr Mohandas Pai
    Mr Mohandas Pai misunderstands the United States and its primacy in the world. It is very important for you to understand USA because all of you are the biggest and most important people on the frontlines of the new India.

    Please understand that the USA is the longest historical Constitutional Democratic Republic in the world. That means that the US’s constitution has been written, contested and digested and lived as a reality for more than 200 years. This is very important. It is therefore extraordinarily difficult to change election rules and election procedures that have been set up more than two centuries ago. Constitutional amendments are necessary to set up Federal Election Commissions because you are taking away the central powers of the states. Most states will not let you do that and you need 2/3rd of them to agree.

    The conservatives in the USA are yours and the new India’s potentially best friends and allies. You should realize that and their points of view intimately for striking a proper alliance. You already realize that the global left and the social lefts in the anglophone world are your mortal enemies are on a path against Hinduism and are going to eradicate it from the face of the earth, like they did to the Navajo, Cheyenne and numerous other indigenous traditions throughout the world. You just underestimate their resolve and their strength. Unless you gather allies you will lose badly.


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