BJP’s apathy to its supporters and party faithfuls. Lessons from the F20-run governments

Why is the BJP so apathetic towards their own rank and file and the population that voted them to power? Why is a Twitter blogger being hounded by the Party-fringe for stating facts? A two-bit thug of AAP and his head honcho roam free despite copious evidence of collusion in going after people of the majority community.

The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has a problem taking care of its own – West Bengal results came out in early May and the kind of violence that was unleashed on BJP rank and file, especially their women, of whom several have been molested and, in some cases, rape has not been acknowledged by the party[1][2]. In fact, they did not even stand with the party workers to ensure that they were not threatened while seeking the due process of law; for instance, filing an FIR on the accused.

In PGurus and elsewhere, many videos have surfaced where members of a minority community, who are in effect the TMC (All India Trinamool Congress) goons, have threatened BJP workers and told them to leave their wives with them if they want their property back[3]. A 303-member LS majority should make BJP have a strong spine – yet we see instance after instance, the party as well as the government ignoring the cause of its workers.

We are still waiting to hear what action has been initiated on the AAP thug, Taher Husain, who had stocked petrol bombs and acid pouches[4]. Husain had made several calls to AK-49, in the hours before arson started on Feb 24, 2020, and we still have no clue as to what kind of punishment will be meted out. In fact, some say Taher Hussain is a Bangladeshi national! By now all the perpetrators should be facing long prison sentences but nothing of that sort has happened. Instead, Delhi Police gets a known, corrupt Gujarat cadre IPS officer as its Commissioner[5].

Yesterday, when the case of Bengali women being molested came up for hearing in the Supreme Court, the counsel from the Center was a no show! The Government does not even want to discharge its basic duties[6]! Why this apathy?

Learn from the F20-run governments!

For taking care of their own, BJP should take a lesson from the F20 families-run governments. Be it DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) or TMC, their netas ensure that their vote banks are safe and pampered. Application of law is selective, biased, and horrible – take the case of journalist Kishore Swamy, who is still languishing in prison, charged for “crimes” that he committed when all he did was quote existing work[7]. Even a tribunal that reviewed the case, refused to see the truth in the case!

A Christian pastor that heaps abuse on Hindus, temples, Bharat Mata, and the Prime Minister, goes into hiding once complaints are filed and is caught while trying to flee the country[8]. He is taken into custody and promptly admits himself into a hospital. Why can’t the hospital treat the prisoner like an outpatient and send him back to jail? Now there will be a “medical certificate” issued of a rare condition this lumpen suffer from and that is it. Onwards to the next news cycle. There is worse to come! DMK directs police officials to pull down someone flying a saffron flag inside his house! This is due to a complaint by a member of the minority community[9].

The Tamil Nadu HR & CE (Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments) minister wants to strip whatever little wealth that is left with the temples of the state[10]. TN now has an Economic Advisory board consisting of some “luminaries” who will preach that the State Government should sell temple gold and put it to good use. Not a whisper on Church Gold or Mosque Gold! And, if someone asks, they are harassed. A la Kishore Swamy.

As if all this is not enough, a popular Twitter personality is forced to leave social media and go into hiding because the husband of an ex-External Affairs Minister threatens him[11]. All this for stating the facts! And why are the Assam Police and Mizoram Police battling it out on the border[12]? Because Assam wanted to build a temple on their land and this “land” is disputed, according to the Mizoram government. So what? Every day dozens of mosques and churches are springing up all over India and no one is objecting. How come the Union Home Minister is not reading the Constitution to the Mizoram CM and ensuring that the temple is built?[13]

Why is the Central Government afraid to implement even the basic Law and Order that is essential to govern a country of 1.4 billion? If anyone knows the answer to this question, please send it in as comments. And lastly, if you are wondering why a US citizen is asking all these questions, guess what! All these will start happening right here in the US of A in a few years’ time. The Democrats have swallowed the Congress Playbook hook, line, and sinker.


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  1. System in India made rich the richer and poor the poorer.
    Of course, the ruling dispensation with all of its energy has been busy in bad-mouthing Nehru.
    But Nehru installed ‘committed bureaucracy, babus and Nehruvianism’ still calls the shots in India. The candidates know that once through that single, simple UPSC examination, they are set to rule like a king (despots in making) with no strings attached. It has been noticed that even when they write their own pay-checks ; political leadership does not question them. It is an open secret that a large percentage (AIM says 95%) of candidates who pass through UPSC have one leg in India and the second muscled leg in USA or UK. These persons (IAS, ICS, IFS, IRS,…) spend working hours in office to anchor (Green or Blue Card or whatever for their spouse, admission to their children to a junior college under special quota abroad) their future in UK, USA. The ones who give special quota/back-door entry take their pound of flesh from (IAS, ICS, IFS, IRS,…).
    Indian politicians tell their gullible citizens, « IFS employed to serve the nation, their employer ».
    The salaries (perks, job security-gurantee no matter what they do, retirement, facility to their family etc..) of IFS civil servants are at par with their international counterparts. What did they produce ? They gifted stagnancy to Indian trade, trade deals.
    How dare foreign media, NGO s financed abroad invaded, thrashed to pulp India over the last 2 years especially ? Of course, these invasions lowered the worth of an Indian’s life, liberty and labour (fruits of labour). Indian Babus expected Indian citizens to do their dirty work.
    An informed Indian citizen knows that diplomats of foreign countries stationed in India advance the cause of their home country, at times by means fair or foul. But Babus of India prefer to remain/are ignorant about the landscape/land they have been sent. If it is not their job to scout, whose job is it then ? Indian Babus work for whosoever pays and pays more.
    If India’s adversaries, enemies (incite riots, acts of subversion, terror) and/or competitors have been able to blind, hood-wink India’s emissaries abroad, why does India flush enormous invaluable resources (money including) down the drain ? Persons who were declared Personna Non-Grata forbidden to travel (visa by Indian embassy necessary) to India did indeed travel to India. Who (and how ?) was the earlier decision of central government by-passed ? (*)
    The Double-sealed envelope (marked Personal & Confidential for Mr Narendra Modi) sent as Registered letter/s to was received (Proof of Delivery stamped by Post Office) by PM. The same attempt was repeated at personal cost.
    The Indian public was given hope by PMO, if they wrote-in their grievances in PM’s designated page on Internet.
    Over the next year (about), some under-secretary sent an Email advising the aggrieved of a reference number-to be used for knowing the contents of fate of his/her Compliant.
    What happened then ?
    Deafening Silence !
    To convince the public about PM’s dedication :
    The public grievances website showed :
    Number of Complaints received.
    Number of Complaints discharged, acted upon and adjudicated.
    Result :
    PM and PMO got the lime-light and the aggrieved dumped in darkness as aggrieved spent invaluable funds on contacting PM instead of the needed oil for the lamp in his/her living space.
    It would be imprudent to disclose any further specifics
    Further reading suggested to interested reader :
    (*)7 years of Modi Rule not 1 UPA Corruption Case is …
    The author’s 10 points prove beyond doubt that Modi’s silence and evasiveness is an indication of a clear cut compromise at the top. By. Venkat Sudheendra – June 30, 2021. Facebook. Twitter. Telegram …

  2. It seems Modi gov thiks as long as hindus in gujarat r secured n prosperous it does not have to bother about what happens to them in other states..such a myopic view which will come to haunt hindus not just in rest of india but also in modiji’s n amitji’s gujrat which they so dearly love!


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