Abhijit Iyer Mitra on how the LAC has moved over the years and what is ahead

How many times has the Line of Actual Control (LAC) moved between India and China? An in-depth look by Abhijit Iyer-Mitra. Many exaggerations by MSM clarified. Just the facts. Do not miss!


  1. In other news, we haven’t learned a darn thing from history.

    “India and the US have signed an MoU to develop a strategic petroleum reserve”

    What this means is India will have reserves that are inaccessible should they run into issues with the USA. You know, like how the U.K. is withholding Venezuela gold because it doesn’t like the government.

    Are Indians stupid or just like to be slaves?

  2. I talked to my shop assistant, »I have seen this Chinese in our shop on a regular basis. He must be a good customer ».
    My assistant answered,« No Sir. Of course he has been cming to the shop regularly, but he never bought anything ».
    I asked my assistant, »So what is the scoop ? ».
    My shop assistant answered, »Each time this Chinese came to the shop, he moved the merchandise he had his eyes on, nearer to the exit door ».
    The scenario presented by this video clip :
    CCP-Chinese Communist Party and its command is the Chinese customer.
    Shop-a marked area, where the disengagement, withdrawl negotiations are taking place. (*)
    Merchandise = withdrawl.
    (*) is a show, eventually CCP would prevail.
    It has been for decades.
    Please read the history of CCP. It is an automated machine for slaughter including, reducing each human being to a speck of dirt, or each human being’s worth was machine part.
    Mao zse Tung held the banner ‘cultural revolution’ to pacify foreign observers at a distance.
    Mao followed his communism impulses ; let it be cannibalism, elimination of 40 million adversaries.
    (*)Listen to what politicians of China say.
    But Be Alert, watch out for CCP creeps command-‘creeping control’ over other’s survival resources.

    A foreigner thinks that when a Japanese diplomat meets his/her counterpart ; he/she is very polite and ‘smiling’.
    In fact, it is not a ‘smile’ of agreement, yes, affirmation. Japanese diplomats are groomed that way.
    Until Narendra Modi came on the scene, Indian politicians, diplomats wore arrogance on their face.

  3. With China about to write a 25 year old agreement, US pulling out of Afghanistan, Pakistan a client state, China has only Jammu & Kashmir in its way from Mainland China to Iran.


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