Indu Viswanathan on Facebook Avatars, Wokeness, and the recent riots

Indu Viswanathan reacts to the new Facebook feature Avatar and explains the origin of the word Avatar and its real meaning. Also highlighted are many other aspects of the #BlackLivesMatter protests which got painted as violent, but are all BLM protests violent?


  1. Ms Vishwanathan is off the target and like any other 2 nd generation confused leftist hindu, supporting BLM.

    Perhaps blacks achieved greatest heights in US compared to any country in the world. Hindus suffered most under colonial rule of Islam and Christianity and why PIOs are bothered about BLM instead of HLM ( hindu life matters ). These American PIOs have never supported Indian Hindus and it is a joke they are with BLM when they themselves are the worst racialist in the world. Show me ONE hindu male marrying a black woman or a Hindu woman marrying a Blackman.

    What about BLM in African countries where blacks are butchered daily and once a developed country South African sinking fast with daily gang wars. What about Latinos, where kidnapping is a hobby. Even in US no PIO stays in a black dominated suburb but want gora areas. As the things stand,US is going the way of S Africa and our PIOs have no place except to run back to India. Uganda is an example. Hindus from Kashmir and Pak Is another example.US PIOs good times are disappearing. Take case of India, 15% Muslims are causing nuisance in India. In US ,New Orleans has 60% blacks. Chicago 38% and Atlanta 40%, the trouble spots for riots. Minnoseta has gone, it is second Somalia. If Democrats win, blacks will parade US with guns and PIOs with Gandhi Charka.

    Avatar has two meanings. One is spiritual where the omnipotent God manifests in human form. The other meaning is changing original personality to fool people for monetary gains. Ex, politicians, journalists, advocates, spies and cine celebrities etc who change avatars with time. Woke up means coming to reality from an illusory and pretending world. Hindus define it as getting Gyan.


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