Prof RV on The truth behind the employment numbers

64% of India's GDP is Service sector and these do not get notice. Plus the numbers put out by organizations like CMIE are suspect. Here is the real situation and why things are good


  1. Prof RV is 100% true. Mangalore is Tier I Town. I find East & North East people are found everywhere at Barber Shop,Beauty Parlor,Construction building/apartment,interior decoration,contract workers at Port,Factory,security agencies etc. These people are good in every trade,courageous to climb height,mason,plumbing,fitters,carpentry etc. I asked many workers why they have come to Mangalore from such far distance,they said salary is good,paid in time where as in their Native, wages are low & cheat while paying salary or refuse to pay salary after work on one or other reason & contractors are gundas/connected toPoliticians. At Mangalore, Persons hiring these labors from East & North East are happy because they work hard. Only problem is faced is that they don’t proper ID documents & migrate quickly.


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