Use Temple gold to fight COVID-19? T R Ramesh and Sai Deepak have a response not to be missed

Many voices around the spectrum have been asking to takeover Temple gold and assets to fight COVID Pandemic, Temple activist T R Ramesh and lawyer Sai Deepak have an answer for everyone

Watch full conversation at – Is the Govt. helping or hurting the temples?


  1. It is astonishing that from Indira Gandhi to the most recent instances of various congresswallas, mostly supposedly Hindus are, without any shame, always after the Hindu Temple wealth, just like the muslim invaders did for centuries. Yet, these congresswallas never ask for the taking of Christian Church wealth and properties, mostly bestowed by the colonial occupiers to propagate the occupiers’ religion. Why? Why? Why? Even the animals don’t eat their own.

  2. All this discussion is just more hair splitting. You have a Hindu nanionalist party ruling for six years. If you cannot get temples freed now, you will never get them freed.
    You better start debating whether it is more advantageous to become a Christian, or a communist, or a Muslim.


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