Very explosive affidavit in Supreme Court on CBI saga – Is Rakesh Asthana, the Duryodhana in the 2019 Mahabharata?

Is Rakesh Asthana, the Duryodhana in the 2019 Mahabharata?

Explosive affidavit by CBI DIG - Is Rakesh Asthana, the Duryodhana in the 2019 Mahabharata?
Explosive affidavit by CBI DIG - Is Rakesh Asthana, the Duryodhana in the 2019 Mahabharata?

When the entire might of Government machinery closes ranks to protect one man, the obvious question one would want to ask is – why is he being nurtured? The affidavit filed by the DIG MK Sinha in Supreme Court is an explosive document which poses greater threats than it actually reveals.

It is stated in the affidavit that “There is a deliberate, concerted attempt to change the course of investigation of the said FIR, there is reasonable apprehension/ likelihood of tampering with evidence, exonerate the existing accused persons against whom there already exists overwhelming evidence and on the contrary, implicate / punish, as a first step of which the applicant was transferred to Nagpur twelve hundred kilometers away in completely arbitrary manner in the name of so-called public interest, all those, like the Applicant herein, who were involved in the investigation and were merely discharging their duties, impartially, without fear or favour”.

It is now evident that on his promotion to the rank of Special Director CBI, the Government (read PK Mishra, Additional Principal Secretary to the PM) got issued orders in the mid-night, much against the objections and a written dissent from the CBI Director.

CBI Director Alok Verma had opposed the promotion on the premise that the CBI will be forced to investigate its’ own Special Director at a later date. However, the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) headed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi) approved it.

It is an open fact now that the Director CBI was forced to go on leave only because of the FIR that was filed against Rakesh Astana by the CBI. All officers investigating the case were shunted out in what was a bloodshed moment in the CBI history. All of them have moved the Supreme Court and the matter is now in the hands of the apex court.

“On the morning of October 16, 2018, the accused Manoj Prasad was intercepted at Delhi Airport on his arrival from Dubai and brought to CBI HQ. During the first few hours of his arrival at CBI Head Quarters, Manoj was garrulous and arrogant, both at the same time, and in equal measure. He was interviewed by the applicant (DIG MK Sinha) and others. He tried his best to ward off the investigation by dropping names of ‘high and mighty’ and mentioning his ‘top contacts’ to create fear in our mind

“As per Manoj Prasad, Dineshwar Prasad, father of Manoj and Somesh, retired as Joint Secretary, RAW and has a close acquaintance with the present National Security Advisor Ajit K. Doval (“NSA”). This was one of the first things Manoj claimed on being brought to CBI HQ and expressed complete surprise and anger as to how CBI could pick him up, despite his close links with the NSA Shri Doval.

“He started bragging and claimed that his brother Somesh is very close to an officer at Dubai (name withheld) and to Samant Goel, presently Special Secretary, R&AW and he can get us “finished off” / “kicked out”. Manoj taunted us that you people have no standing whatsoever and therefore should “stay in limits” and let him free. He claimed that recently his brother Somesh and Samant Goel, helped the NSA Shri Ajit Doval on an important personal matter. He further claimed that India opted out of a contest from INTERPOL. Regarding genuineness of this claim of Manoj, no attempt was made to verify the claim regarding the NSA Shri Doval,” said the shocking affidavit filed by DIG MK Sinha in Supreme Court on Monday.

“When the IO/Shri AK Bassi came to know that Shri Samant Goel / Shri Somesh had stopped talking and were exchanging WhatsApp Messages, he insisted that we need the cell phone sets of the public servants as the evidence is likely to be stored on the device and that a search be conducted. The Director CBI did not give immediate permission and reverted that the NSA has not permitted the same,” said the affidavit.

The most shocking part of the affidavit is that -“However, the INTERPOL part was discreetly verified. It is factually correct.”

Manoj also claimed a few other facts to his personal knowledge which is placed here only as the same are relevant to the context.  Manoj claimed that he had met Nitin Sandesara of Sterling Biotech in London. Nitin and his brother Chetan Sandesara are the main accused in the Sterling Biotech Case involving huge money trail to Congress leader Ahmed Patel and his son and son-in-law. Rakesh Asthana was also caught for accepting a bribe of Rs.3.9 crores from this tainted business firm in 2011 alone.

“After his initial outburst, he went quiet. All the matters disclosed by Manoj were reported to senior officers. The Applicant is unaware whether the aforementioned facts were duly recorded in the interrogation statement of Manoj Prasad,” said the DIG to Supreme Court.

Manoj is now in custody. His Mobile phones were seized and the Whatsapp messages were studied. One of his phones had the Whatsapp messages stored since March 2017. The exchange of messages between Manoj and Sana Satish Babu, and Manoj and Somesh were studied which corroborates the instances of bribery mentioned in the complaint. There was no specific mention of the name of any Public Servant in any of the Whatsapp messages stored in the phone. There were references such as “too powerful people”, “Boss’’ etc. Messages indicated that they pertain to a CBI case and that Manoj and Somesh are able to obtain relief in the case on receiving payments. Further, it brought into picture one unidentified person who appeared to be the conduit between the “Boss”, to obtain the relief from CBI. This unidentified person was someone who was high in standing in CBI and too powerful, as the messages indicated”.

This brings in the RAW angle and the friendship between Asthana and Samanth Goel and how the entire RAW was being misused and abused to prepare bogus intelligence reports to protect and promote Asthana.

Now comes the role of IB. The affidavit says:

“Manoj Prasad (from the CBI Head Office) spoke to Somesh (Dubai) on 16th October afternoon and late evening. The phone number was in technical surveillance and therefore should be on record with SU (Special Unit of CBI). During one of the talks, Manoj told Somesh about him being interviewed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Somesh almost interrogated Manoj and among many other things, Somesh told Manoj that he will tackle any investigation/ enquiry, that he is received and seen off at the airport by IB and R&AW officials whenever he visits India. This should be on record with CBI with SU,” said the affidavit.

The two intelligence agencies IB & RAW have much to answer here.

The role of Dubai’s RAW Officer Samant Goel further stands exposed:

“Meanwhile the Special Unit had placed many a number on Technical Surveillance and was analysing the Call Data Records (CDRs). It was informed that immediately after the news broke out on arrest of Manoj Prasad in the late night on October 16, 2018 / early morning of October 17, 2018, Somesh made immediate calls to Samant Goel, who made calls to Rakesh Asthana. There were four calls between Somesh and Samant Goel and four calls between Samant Goel and Rakesh Asthana by 17th afternoon. There was also a call between Dineshwar Prasad (father of Manoj and Somesh) with Samant Goel”

The affidavit filed by the DIG MK Sinha brings to light the role of the Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha in protecting Astana. 

“In the morning of October 17, 2018, a call came from the DCP Special Cell of Delhi Police on the mobile of Investigating Officer AK Bassi, DSP, CBI AC-III who did not take call.  Later another Inspector of Special Cell called up and sought to know if Manoj has been arrested. Inquiries revealed that the query had originated from Cabinet Secretariat.”

How Asthana manipulated the system is further evident with these conversations –

10.1        Somesh tells Sunil Mittal (Somesh’s Father in law):

  1. “Asthana to Apna Aadmi Hai”.
  2. “Manoj has met Asthana 3 to 4 times”
  3. “Samant bhai met Asthana after registration of the case”.
  4. “Samant bhai is very close to Asthana”.

*Samant Goel tell Somesh: “Do not come to India at any cost”*

Further, the interesting part is how a Minister in the Modi Government intervened with the DoPT to protect Asthana

“As per Sana, Shri Haribhai (Minister of State) had intervened with the Senior officers of CBI through the office of the Minister of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension [“MOS (P)”], to whom, apparently, the Director – CBI reports to*

Now comes the role of the CVC KV Chowdary who sent the CBI Director on leave and also probed the complaints made by Asthana to the Cabinet Secretary. 

“Shri Sathish Babu Sana also disclosed that he met the CVC Shri KV Chowdhary along with one Gorantla Ramesh (close relative of CVC Shri KV Chowdhary and owner of Delhi Public School Hyderabad, as per Sana) somewhere in Delhi (exact date and location was not informed) and that they discussed Moin Qureshi’s case. As per Sana, in the year 2011, Shri Gorantla Ramesh sold some land and gave around Rs 4 crores out of the said sale consideration to Shri Sana, in the same month, in which Shri Sana had given Rs 50 Lakhs to Moin Qureshi. Therefore, Shri Gorantla Ramesh was examined by CBI in the Moin Qureshi’s case.

“As per Shri Sana, subsequently, the CVC Shri KV Chowdhary called Shri Rakesh Asthana to his residence and made inquiries. Shri Rakesh Asthana informed to the CVC that there is not much in evidence against them. There is no illegality in this, but the same is put on record here for the sake of completeness. No verification was undertaken and the same is based on disclosure made by Sana”

Now comes the real bombshell. The PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE” 

According to the affidavit

“On October 23, 2018, the Applicant herein was informed by DIG/DD (SU) that someone spoke to Samant Goel (who was at Chandigarh at that time) and asked to help him to which Samant Goel replied that things have been managed with PMO and everything is fine. The same night the entire investigating team was shifted.”

Then the Union Law Secretary Suresh Chandra chips into broker a deal (on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary) to protect Asthana. The most chilling part is – why is the Cabinet Secretary meddling in the Supreme Court-monitored probe to protect tainted Rakesh Asthana?

The affidavit sums it up beautifully:

“The la affaire Sana is symptomatic of a larger deep-rooted malaise in the country’s premier investigation agency – the CBI. The Applicant is troubled by the contents of Shri Sana’s allegations, which if proved to be true, reflect very poorly on our criminal justice delivery system in general and the CBI in particular.”

Why has the entire Government machinery turned a blind eye to protect one man?

Where does the buck stop? Who is responsible? Will there be a Supreme Court-monitored probe? Will the truth ever come out?

Is Rakesh Asthana the Duryodhana of the 2019 Mahabharata? Watch this space!

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  1. Asthana, Arun Jaitley, Alok Verma, Ajit Doval along with Ambanis, Adhani, the powerful A-Company of BJP, is protecting the past Warlord of the Finance Ministry, the Powerful & Corrupt Chidambaram, the kingpin of the UPA’s – C-Company. Modi along with Arun Jaitley and Ajit Doval have miserably bungled and have NOT kept up Modi’s 2014 promise to weed out Corruption at the Top. What is the point in doing Drama across the nation campaigning shouting at his top voice – “Modi, the empty drum making much noise criss crossing India on Adanhi and Ambani’s money”. Valuable time of 5 years have been wasted and resources squandered. Now, they will duck under the garb of Corruption case being at court and so they don’t talk about it. BJP’s A-Company is the replica of the UPA’s C-Company, the other side of the same old dirty coin conning the Aam Admi. Modi either relied too much on Jhootley or used him as his cover to hide his mismanagement and is directly responsible for the GREAT mess and chaos happening in the FM, RBI, CBI, ED, I-T Dept. SEBI. Finally PC gleefully rules with all the high arrogance to steal the show and all the lime light in the Delhi Lutyens circle as they all go about as saints and saviour of Indian economy. PC and Rahul are ever there to maim, taunt, ridicule both RSS and BJP. Modi and Arun Jutley together have proved themselves useless, undependable having bungled miserably. PC, Sashi Thug, Rahul, Sonia, Vadra are stealing the show. know well to cover their tracks and keep fooling the RSS-BJP Muffs who can’t control the top Delhi Bureaucrats and the Govt. machinery that is controlled by Sonia and PC gang.

  2. Bottom line is ?big IF here under.
    [ The Applicant is troubled by the contents of Shri Sana’s allegations, which if proved to be true, reflect very poorly on our criminal justice delivery system in general and the CBI in particular.”]
    And Applicant is troubled by TRANSFER. Nothing more.

  3. At the outset, BJP lead NDA government inherited a big rotten system embedded with innumerable admin and financial landmines. During May 2014 LS elections, PM Modi was lovingly gifted with 282 seats for him and his team by the electorates to solve many burning issues and mega scams. Modi ji faltered in the initial ministry making and squandered opportunities and barring half a dozen ministers others are just average performers. Further Modi behaved as PM of Gujarat for three full years and took foreign dignitaries to his home state thus frustrating other states and UTs and involved in winning elections only. During his fourth year he started to realize that he’s the PM of India!! During fifth year his poor admin skills were exposed full to the brim and PM did not know what’s happening in his own backyard!
    A visionary PM with a battery of half a dozen senior most ministers having admin experience and problem solving skills would take the country in a perfect manner and saved us from the rotten system and corrupt judiciary. Modi even did not have at least four good advisers and certain ministries do not have official spokes persons to brief in a befitting and professional manner. In this connection we have One such spokesperson in External Affairs Ministry. Dr.Sambit Patra is tired off defending the government on all aspects/issues. On Rafael deal there is no scam at all but the government has given a feeling that it is trying to hide something. Mahila DM was very new for the job!On this issue we found few good defense analysts and exports spoke better than the DM/BJP spokespersons. NDA government did not hire such people instead tired faces were shown again and again. During DeMo and GST the RBI was silent and government faltered!

    It is probable that NDA government will tell voters that all corruption cases are in “courts” hence sub judice!

    • You are right in saying that several defence experts have given better explanation regarding Rafael deal than the Defence Minister.

  4. Down the lane things are not as convinceing as it was , earlier , here the important aspect in CBI issue , did alok Verma exposed raw network identites in Dubai , by mentioning raw officer name in FIR , there by whole network in Dubai is exposed putting there life’s in danger, did he not consulted law agencies by doing this so, there are many questions need to be answered why ajith doval is against alok verma and his team means there is something fishy , both officers may be corrupt , we can’t see all right wing champions taking different directions there by creating confusion among the supporters , whom should we trust ajith doval or swamy both are champions of anti India forces

  5. Well this leaves us with an option – no justice soon. Things are happening in PMO and what is our PM doing? If you are sincere and serious to wipe out corruption, it does not take years to find the right people. Here, we are not seeing that. It is time, things are handed over to able hands of Swamy and let PM see the election campaigning. Even that is more critical as common man does not care about what is happening in CBI.
    For literate man, he does not have any other choice apart from BJP.

  6. Are we hearing that Ajit Dowal NSA is corrupt and more so is trying to shield Moin Quereshi ?. This makes no sense whatsoever. The allegations are made by disgruntled CBI who has been transferred. PGurus is requested to please look into this and ensure that its reports are credible.

  7. As per PGurus, Alok Verma is acting against chidambaram. Then why will congress support Alok Verma. Something is fishy. My advice to PGurus, have patience & don’t jump to conclusions.

    • If Alok Verma is acting against Chidu, why no progress is made in Chidu’s arrest? Asthana said, he was blocked
      by Alok Verma to speed up inquiry aganst Chidu. May be Delhi Lftyans club members siding with Alok Verma.

  8. This could be true! but will only be used for political slugfest! while spoiling India’s Image. But what to do we have to go thro this ordeal, will be nice if culprits are identified and sent to jail in double quick time.

  9. This is throwing scent in every direction in self defence and nothing else. Every transferred officer is allowed to make a charge in SC I’m defence then this is what we get. I cam allege everyone is corrupt but where is the proof. Too many people including teh courts are playing politics. They are out to mislead and throw different opinions around to make the credibility lower so that even if the CBI resurrects itself post the week long hearing of the case its verdicts will always be viewed with doubts. The game is simple. The govt possibly planned to unravel the corruption cases and go to courts sometime between now and elections. The other camp (in opposition and in form of proxies within the govt) want to everything to scuttle the effort including continuous petitions adjournment RTI etc where courts will help. It is now high stakes game. Time is less for both sides. One will somehow want to make the plan while the other will muddy the water so much that credibility will be gone and more and more time will be lost.
    With time I sometime doubt is there is anyone at all in the first camp called govt. everyone seems to be in the second camp destroying and delaying

  10. In any democracy, more so in Bharat, it is very difficult to gain the acceptability and trust of the people. It will NOT come so easily. You will have to make sustained efforts to earn and retain the trust/public faith, through one’s nobility of good conduct.

    In Mahabharata, Vidura tells Dhridhrashtra after the failed attempt of Varanavata lac house burning episode, where in a conspiracy was made by Kauravas to burn the Five Pandavas alongwith their Mother Kunti Devi alive, in a lac house specially constructed by [ Gandhara ] Shakuni’s Minister Purochanan, that ” PUBLIC / SUBJECTS / CITIZENS ARE GOD IN HUMAN FORM and at the same time, they are VERITABLE FIRE in HUMAN FORM. If the entire subjects revolt in anger against your injustice done to the Pandavas, then the entire Kauravas will be extinguished, like a hair falling in fire, So conduct yourself with Nobility of Character as a noble King should do. It fell on deaf ears and the rest was history.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi meticulously gained the honour, acceptability and trust of Indian Public as an able, incorruptible and noble administrator, as he had functioned as a benevolent CM of Gujarat during the years 2001 to May 2014 and hence he was catapulted / elected to the exalted position of Prime Minister of India by the Indian Public, which he should NOT fritter away at any cost. So, he should act fast to stem the rot in higher echelons of bureaucracy decisively, objectively and in a fair and just manner, without fear or favour. Indian Public are MAGNANIMOUS / GENEROUS ENOUGH to re-elect him as Prime Minister in May 2019 once again, not withstanding his inaction of not bringing in black money stashed by tax evaders abroad and crediting every individual citizens bank account with Rs. 15 lakhs, but for his other good accomplishments of Demonetisation, implementation of GST, National Highways, Electricity to all villages, Jandhan Yojana, Mudra Loans, Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Scheme, etc., considering his genuine hardship of not having the requisite expertise in managing the Central Bureaucracy, some of them are either not properly functioning or else working for cross purposes, contending with the notorious & adversarial Lutyens kaala Dalalis-cum-MSM. But he MUST explain and display his actions are above board and always in the supreme national interest of Indian Citizens, in the cause of i.e. Sabkaa Saath, Sabkaa Vikaas.

    PLEASE NOTE INDIAN PUBLIC WILL NEVER TOLERATE, FORGIVE, PUT UP WITH TREACHERY / PERFIDY. Preaching without practice is TREACHERY. Let us see how our Prime Minister is taking corrective steps quickly and effectively in the days to come.

    PS :- PM SHOULD ALSO HAVE AS HIS ADVISORS OF LEARNED SANSKRIT PANDITS WHO KNOW RAMAYANA & MAHABHARAT & OTHER 18 PURAANAAS to ADVISE HIM TO TREAT ON THE PATH OF DHARMA. Needless to say, our late Prime Minister Shri NARASIMHA RAO had one such learned sanskrit pandit with him always to discuss and decide on any critical issues of State craft.

  11. PGURUS is wright, someone must motivate (rather Forcefully) PMO, why & who is masterminding this self defecating credibility & integrity of CBI. Let us assume NaMo is 100% honest & had nothing to hide, then Asthana, Verma, Doval each & every body must be evaluated their each & Every activity related to any assignment & no over-lapping, without pr. In this profession (CBI, R&AW, MI) nothing or none is beyond DOUBT FOR-EVER.
    De-Briefing is most common & to be followed with 100% Efficiency, Honesty, Integrity & etc.

  12. PGurus seem to be running a parallel investigative agency and are questioning credibility of CVC , PMO and NSA. The only two credible people left are PM and President.

    Groupism in beurocracy is the main desease destroying the institutions as they are permanent employees, who cannot be removed or punished. What can PM do , if he has to shuffle with fixed No of cards.

    Briberies cannot be proved in courts as the recipient never takes money directly.The buck has to stop with CBI chief and exonerating him at this stage is improper. Delaying a probe is more dangerous than accepting a speculative bribe.

  13. Why is Namo silent and being a blind spectator? Under his nose everything has been happening and he didn’t knew? All those cleaning the bureaucracy has gone down the drain which is clearly evident with the affidavit

  14. Come on. If anyone asks me to choose between Dr Swamy and Ajit Doval, as to who is incorruptible, I will certainly choose Doval sir.

    And I did not expect this kind of article on PGURUS. Just because some affidavit has been filed, it does not become the ultimate truth. This affidavit may actually be blowing covers of some underground RAW operators. PGURUS is playing with fire without knowing which way the wind is blowing.

    • Frankly Ajit Doval is just got fame by PR exercise on his mythical stories and fairy tales. As far as incorruptible, What is Doval’s son doing? Running a think tank and putting Govt money as sponsorship. Have you heard anything of such on Swamy. If Doval (Modi also) is doing his job rightly, why Swamy still seen in Court rooms to fix Chidambaram and Sonia. Still National Herald is his private case. Why these talkative guys not take over the case from Swamy by asking CBI to register FIR. Doval is just doing PR exercise through pliable media and his son is eating Govt money

    • One more question to you. How you name Subramanian Swamy in this episode. And why Ajit Doval interfering in CBI. He has no business in CBI. Doval’s problem is not doinghis job properly and pokes into other’s business. And where was this Doval and Modi when SC caught former CBI Director Ranjit Sinha for meeting accused in the mid nights.

    • One more question. Why you bring Subramanian Swamy in this picture. And why Ajit Doval interfering in CBI. It is none of his business. This entire episode shows that RAW has become Rogue Agency. Doval’s son is having all sort of middle east business. So Doval helping an arrested broker from Dubai creates serious doubts on his integrity. A


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