Way forward for BJP in 2019 elections

Tripod Combination of - fight against Corruption, Hindutva agenda, Governance Development will help gain a total majority in 2019 General elections.

Way forward for BJP in 2019 elections
Way forward for BJP in 2019 elections

It’s the right time for BJP to win back people’s confidence by taking an aggressive stand in the fight against corruption and honor Hindutva commitment

One Man Army Dr Swamy makes it very clear that elections are won on a combination of factors. In the case for 2019 general elections it, can be won with the fight against Corruption, honor Hindutva commitment and good Governance / Development.

On the similar groundwork of the above combination, it was possible for Modi-led BJP to win in 2014 elections.

Good Governance/Development alone is not sufficient to win the elections.

Tripod Combination of – fight against Corruption, Hindutva agenda, Governance/Development will help gain a total majority in 2019 General elections.

Past track record of Govt which had development as its agenda has performed well but has always received debacle in the election.

On the Economy front, everything appears to be going smoothly. The actual story is quite different, it requires top priority in terms of course correction.

Starting from PM PV Narasimha Rao in 1991-96 (who successfully introduced major economic reforms), PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee – 1999-2004 (during whose tenure India saw substantial economic growth), AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, to Karnataka CM SM Krishna, in spite of giving good performance all of them had to bow out of power.

Another message from Dr. Swamy which is loud and clear is that there is someone within the present BJP Govt who is safeguarding ex FM P Chidambaram in all corruption cases.

Similarly, many other past regime corruption cases are also brushed under the carpet. Someone at the top level from the ministry is involved in this dubious crime to hush-up matters.

Dr.Swamy with his tweet has indicated that there is a secret brotherhood between BJP/UPA/Politicians/bureaucrats/lawyers to protect each other. This has delayed BJP’s Anti-Corruption Campaign.

Some of the past regimes stooges in Bureaucracy, Investigating Agencies and Senior Officials are rewarded by the present Govt because of the dubious nexus, which is a matter of concern, as things are getting manipulated for the benefit of the corrupt.

The investigations are getting blotched up, the pieces of evidence are destroyed, honest investigating officers are harassed/transferred, law officers are prevented from functioning or forced to present weak cases during prosecution in court. In the end, the accused walks scot-free. The 2G scam is an example in which all the accused walked free. The commitment to fight corruption and justice should prevail.

The commitment to Hindus should be honored considering the sentiment of the masses. The faith and aspirations of millions of Hindus to see magnificent Shri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya is still a distant dream. There seems to be no initiative from the Govt to resolve the matter. Few within the party are more concerned to delay the case and want to avoid crediting a certain individual, who is spearheading the legal process for speedy disposal of the verdict. The Hindus in Jammu region are totally alienated from BJP, due to its partnership with Pro-Pakistan PDP.  Uniform Civil Code and abrogating Article 370 is not even discussed.

On the economy front, everything appears to be going smoothly. the actual story is quite different, it requires top priority in terms of course correction.

Return of black money from foreign banks has become a non-issue. DeMo was a good initiative but the unpreparedness and shoddy ground implementation took the shine out of it. GST started on a wrong foot and every now and then, we are seeing changes on trial & error basis. The banking sector considered as the backbone of Indian Economy is in turmoil. The rising fuel prices with higher inflation and unemployment is adding to the woes of the people. This is not what was expected from Modi Sarkar!!!

To summarize the above:

  • The commitment to fight corruption and justice should prevail.
  • The commitment to Hindus should be honored considering the sentiment of the masses.
  • Our economy requires out of box futuristic measures and implementation.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  1. The debate on how people will teach the present government a lesson is flawed. The alternative to the BjP is much much worse.
    That politicians within the BJP are protecting salient ‘high ranking’ Nehru Dynasty Party politicians is despicable, and needs to be addressed.
    It is unbelievable how theHome Mnister is wavering .. will Jammu become like Kashmir in the next decade? This is highly likely if there is a coalition government in 2019.
    Many aspects of the economy are determined by the international scene.

  2. The post is explicit and clearly chalis out the future course if action needed if bjp is to come to power and very correctly too.
    As mentioned it is quite evident that there is a mole in this govt who every one knows who is protecting the corrupt resulting in inaction on the corrupt involved in the scams. Likewise there is an ominous silence on the blackmoney issue. If bjp has to make a difference to win the next election it must primarily focus on these 2 issues which was the main plank based on which modi came to power. People expect him to take action but fail to understand why he is not removing the stumbling block in the name of a minister in d cabinet who is creating the roadblock to help the corrupt. Modi must do something on this or else 2019 will be a tall ask for him as the people are not fools and are watching and they won’t hesitate to teach a lesson if they realise he was making a fool out of them no matter if it means bringing back the corrupt because there is no other alternative. But teach a lesson they will for sure. So high time modi gets into action to nail those culprits.

  3. Thanks for having stated the present reality. The time is truly very short, the swift action in arresting issues is the need of the hour. PMji to concentrate on domestic front fully to edge over situations..

  4. Trishul vyuh . fourth one is also to added . public welfare . Health insurance to all families coverage up to 3 lakhs. Govt shall pay the premium to whose income is less than 2lakhs . others can pay them selves.
    20cr families are to be helped by govt and it costs 40,000 cr. All families shall be given health cards to be linked to aadhar. Half hearted attempts are not sufficient.

  5. Yesterday, despite beating from pak and inner seditionists of jammu and k rajnath wants torevoke the cases against stone pelters. We need a good amd stern home minister

  6. Ignoring Hindus, Ignoring the advice of Army Chief, Appeasement of Muslims, No action against financial crimes, No action against Anti-national and traitors and separatist, Govt run on News Media Anchors, Only big talks about Corruption on TV but no action like PC,TT or Sarda/Narda, Ignoring killing of Hindus in different states, Ignoring whole Middle Class, Fuel Not Included in GSTwill create a big setback for Modi Ji/ BJP in 2019. Complete failure of Home Ministry and Finance Ministry and ignoring BJP’s own manifesto will also give negative impact. Success of MEA are not the Voters. BJP needs to rethink their strategy ASAP.

  7. BJP should give election tickets to long time members of BJP who are having clean image, incorruptible and are known for rendering selfless service to our Nation. Now-a-days BJP is giving election tickets to all AAyaa Rams and Gayaa Rams, which resulted in BJP Not coming into power in recent Karnataka assembly election. Internal animosities prevailing within the leaders in the higher echelons of BJP will seriously dent its credibility in the eyes of general public. so, give tickets to contest election ONLY, REPEAT ONLY to the CANDIDATES having clean and UNBLEMISHED TRACK RECORD and willing to render service to our Nation without any expectation in return. Be willing to do thyaag / sacrifice, in rendering selfless service to our Country, if that is NOT possible, please for heaven’s sake do not give tickets to such candidates to contest election, they will do irrepairable damage to the BJP and getting re-elected in May 2019 will remain a dream. It is fairly known to many people, which I quote here – Once Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was asked by a reporter as to whom the people should Vote for. A good candidate hailing from a bad political party OR a good political party but its candidate’s track record is bad. Shri MKG replied that people unreservedly vote FOR A GOOD CANDIDATE hailing from a BAD POLITICAL PARTY. Because, a good individual will retain his quality of effective functioning public arena with manifest competence and unimpeachable integrity AT ALL TIMES, not with standing the fact he belongs to a bad political party. Whereas a BAD CANDIDATE in a GOOD POLITICAL PARTY will corrupt the other members and bring bad name for the entire party with his selfish action and bad demeanors. So, lesson to all particularly to BJP is that they should select CANDIDATES possessing reasonably good educational back ground with moral / good character and competence in rendering public service. I fervently hope, the BJP especially PM Modi pay due attention to the sage advise of MKG and offer good candidates from BJP and NOT Aayaa rams and Gayaa Rams.


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