More on LeT terrorist captured

More on LeT terrorist captured
More on LeT terrorist captured

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A young jehadi from Pakistan was nabbed by the local villagers in Udhampur as a living proof of that country’s involvement in terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir. The arrest of a “live” militant has created a media frenzy with TV anchors describing him as “Kasab II”. The intelligence agencies are excited about landing a goldmine of information about the terror producing factories across the border.

His arrest is being compared with the capture Ajmal Kasab in the 2008 Mumbai terror strike. Kasam was hanged last year.

The young terrorist was captured hours after he and his accomplice gunned down two jawans of the Border Security Force (BSF) and wounded 11 others by ambushing a BSF convoy in Udhampur. He has been identified as one Mohammed Naved Yakub, son of Mohammed Yakub from Faisalabad in Pakistan. He is a member of the outlawed Lashker-e- Taiba terror group.

Naved is in early 20s and has two brothers and one sister.

Sources here said that during his interrogation Naved revealed that he and four other militants entered Kupwara in North Kashmir in July but had to return because the man who was supposed to help them on forward journey did not turn up.

Naved also revealed that he and the other terrorists had made similar infiltration into Kupwara two months ago also, but they had to abort the mission and go back to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Naved said on his present mission, he and three other terrorists crossed into the Indian side through Baramulla by cutting the border fencing. He also gave detailed accounts of places where he stayed during the last few days.

After splitting into two groups, Naved along with his accomplice went to Kulgam in South Kashmir from where they boarded a truck to Jammu on Tuesday. They got down at Udhampur after staying at Patnitop for night.

On Wednesday, after ambushing BSF convoys at Simroli near Udhampur and gunning down two constables – an encounter in which he lost his accomplice — and wounding 11 others, he took three villagers as hostage and tried to escape by using them as human shield. Armed with AK assault rifles, when he sat down for food after hours of walk through difficult terrain, his captives, who were members of the Village Defence Committee (VDC) overpowered him.

Naved remained nonplussed despite his arrest. He kept smiling before the TV camers and said he enjoyed what he was doing. “Had I been killed it would have been the Allah’s doing”, he said.

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