What are the factors that keep stalling the economy?

An economy is a complex machine that needs to be understood before being tweaked. Some of the factors that prevent it from growing today are discussed

What are the factors that keep stalling the economy?
What are the factors that keep stalling the economy?

Only 4% of Indian homes have air conditioners. The figure is 90% for the USA (balance 10% in the north do not need them), and 99% for Greece. Figure for India doubled in a decade from 2% in the first decade of this century.

We can have enough jobs to give employment to all of us for decades to come in manufacturing ACs, cables for them, and in installing them; if trade unions would let us do so, and if anybody is still left without a job, he can produce electricity for them, if NGT would let us do so.

The economy is like a living organism. Even if all organs are functioning, it can be made comatose or lifeless by restricting/stopping the blood flow, or by bleeding it, by the likes of trade unions, NGTs, or the army of government regulators.

Leftists do make out the producers and consumers as two separate classes, but in reality, the producers only are the consumers. In producing we give ourselves jobs and make consumption possible, and in consuming we make production and jobs possible. The heart circulates blood to intestines and gets nourishment in return.



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  1. It’s hard to buy A/C when credit markets are being squeezed. Not everyone can buy an AC outright without credit even though they can pay the electric bill.


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