What can India do to continue getting crude from Iran? Real solutions by Prof Nalapat

Price of Petrol is becoming an election issue again. Find out the real reason why the US does not want India to buy crude from Iran and the solution. A must watch!


  1. Give a break! This parroting of what we must do to keep endearing the US is bordering of playing a paid lobbyist. WHile I enjoy reading MD Nalapat’s writings which on most occassions is well informed and deeply analysed, on this count, he is going overboard on many counts. He assumes too many things and conveniently positive about the USA’s intent. It is important for India to emerge as a reliable, fair, strong power which commands respect from both powerful superpowers and emerging world alike. Not a satellite for USA or for Russia. This is the direction we are taking and rightly so. It is certainly far more long term that the speaker thinks and it will extend to times when Trump may not be there as well!
    1. The USA is leaning towards india and significantly so in the recent years. Nice to have it but not nice to keep counting on it forever. Esp, when the uSA has repeatedly used our trust and abused it and played to arm Pakistan and in earlier decades China, failing Tibetans etc.
    2. Our military choices including S400 is based on competency. The speaker may love to profess expertise on many topics and maybe even competent on many but certainly as a military equipment S-400 outwits the Americans THAD and Iron Dome by leaps and bounds.To date, the russians are years ahead on high speed projectile game. If Israel is feeling protected with Iron Dome, it is more because Iran is the only threat and it cannot hit Israel even without Iron Dome. Russia will not test the Iron Dome as Israeli interests with Russia run deeper though subtle.
    3. F 35 – Not a necessity for India today and its superiority is limited for Indian use. Stealth is not an important call for the air force given the close combat situations we face. We are rightly pursuing LCA turning into a MCA which will give the numeric advantage while building unique configurations.
    4. The author must understand that USA esp Trump is bullying and threatening India by linking the choices. We are an independent nation. If the speaker suggests Americans as strong ally, they must not be arm twisting us too.
    5. Did the americans not know that India bears the brunt of the Taliban idea the USA fostered and allowed Pakistan to play in Afghanistan and against India.? What has MD nalapat got to say about USA’s intentions when they left afghanistan to Taliban?
    6. USA gives a damn to any nation and is a transactional relation. Betting too much based on past transactions alone is not wisdom for sure
    7. Iran too was a darling state of the USA who felt that the Shah of Iran was noble and must have nuclear power too. So was Saddam Hussein.. Use and throw.
    8. USA being separated by the Atlantic is relatively safe from terorism etc. But it fuels and feeds such dastardly acts through its policies and allies (as long as they are needed) in Middle East. Having devasted the middle east with the Arab Springs they have left every nation to dogs. This is the definition of India’s best ally? Should India be seen in the light of towing this Ally all the time even if it is against your interest?
    9. Make no mistake, Russia will reclaim its bit in the middle east game slowly and steadily. Americans are not our enemies but nobody is a friend of an American without reason. We tread the path that makes us respectable, powerful, dependable and certainly not passive as in the past.

    We have far more to gain maintaining a neutral and fair position. A ban on Iran is not even backed by Europe today in complete. They too see that their own interest is primary. Getting overzealous over the American ally or the otherway as a binary problem is certainly a biased view not the balanced view one need to cultivate.

  2. we don’t need F-35, we can get better fighter jets from Russia; unlike USA Russia never bullied us in any way whatsoever. USA can never be a trusted ally for India. enough of this romance with USA, like it is using us, we should use it as much as possible. the only ally we can trust is Russia.

  3. China seems to have acquired S400 from Russia. India signed for S400 amid Rafael G to G deal.
    It’s reported in the media that from 14th May 2019, on all Sundays, fuel is not made available in 14 States to start just to “save environment”!!!
    Rumors are rumors on fuel prices going up in India after first week of May 2019!!
    India should continue to buy Iranian Oil on INR terms in vogue now. Our refineries are oriented to refine it.Are we trying to buy shale oil from USA?

    Professor Nalapat is right in saying that two big democracies should come together on key issues.
    Problem with the Indian administrative setup since 2014 till March 2019 is that if, we buy three items from USA, we buy at least two from Russia! Nehruvian mould is yet to go away. We still follow bipolar politics.Because of this our defense forces already suffered for few decades.

    Let us hope, after elections we shall have good think tank on core issues replacing Lutyens club coffee mugs!!

  4. Prof. Nalapat’s views r typically of an Indian enamoured of US. Leave to PM Modi to deal with the issue rather than these so called experts like Prof. Nalapat. These so called experts r responsible for India’s disastrous foreign policy under Congress rule. PM Modi has India & India’s interests at heart & one thing is certain, no power in this world can blackmail him. China experienced that during Doklam issue.

  5. Sir with due respect big brother US will try to over run India. Russia will equally resist including China to see US looses India. Bumbling fool Trump is going to suffer which the Russians and Chinese know. Nalapat sir our Indians are the only democracy where politicians are for sale for as little as a Pan ka bida. Big philosophy does not work in India. Only bakshish works forget US which is a decaying country.


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