What went wrong in Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping relations?

A critical look at the bonhomie that existed between Modi and China and what went wrong

A critical look at the bonhomie that existed between Modi and China and what went wrong
A critical look at the bonhomie that existed between Modi and China and what went wrong

After the barbaric clash between India and China at Galwan leading to the death of soldiers from both sides, the entire World is asking a question – what went wrong in the relationship between good friends Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping? Before Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, Narendra Modi was having good relations with China as the Chief Minister (CM) of Gujarat. As Gujarat CM, Modi by 2011 visited China four times, leading many business delegations. Remember, those days the USA and many European countries rejected the visa of Modi based on the ruling Congress and Left parties’ allegations on his role in Gujarat riots.

It was first Japan and then China that allowed a visa to Modi, who was embarrassed by the USA and European countries due to the unethical games of Congress and Left parties. Though Indian Left parties even complained to the USA and blocking Modi’s visit in America, the Chinese Communist party’s Politburo member Wang Gang gave him an audience and many business offers were given to Gujarat[1]. Pleased by Chinese red carpet hospitality, Modi in November 2011 even announced the teaching of Mandarin language in the Gujarat school curriculum! “Though I am not from the ruling party, there seemed to be no difference,” said Modi to media and also said his talks with Politburo member Wang Gang were “frank”.

As Prime Minister, Modi went to China five times and met Xi Jinping 18 times at other World Forums. Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi’s famous ‘Swing diplomacy’ in Ahmadabad was a mega event.

Upon the CM’s request, China went the extra mile and released 22 diamond smugglers from Surat, languishing in Chinese jails, in December 2011. These diamond traders were trying to smuggle diamonds from Shenzhen province to Hong Kong[2]. Many in Delhi during Congress regime were wondering about Chief Minister Modi’s hold with the Chinese authorities. There was an Intelligence Bureau report on how Modi operates things in China through Indian businessmen. Japan and China were the first countries to welcome Modi as Prime Minister, soon after the final results of Lok Sabha elections in May 2014 came.

As Prime Minister, Modi went to China five times and met Xi Jinping 18 times at other World Forums. Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi’s famous ‘Swing diplomacy’ in Ahmadabad was a mega event. Modi said so many times and in so many words about his wavelength with the Chinese President. Even after the standoff of India and China in Bhutan’s Doklam in November 2017, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping had shown their friendship in Mahabalipuram in Chennai. When many leaders were blaming China for Coronavirus, Modi took the high road and never attacked China for the leakage of the pandemic virus.

The bonhomie of both leaders was so thick. Then where did it go wrong? Some analysts say it was due to India’s tilt towards the USA in crucial matters, some argue due to non-China friendly trade and technology decisions. After 1974, India and China’s armies had not clashed the way they did on June 15th. No one died or nor a single bullet was fired. From March 2020 (just five months after Modi-Xi bonhomie at Mahabalipuram!), many agencies reported the Chinese Army’s attempts to enter India’s areas. There were talks to tone down the heat from both sides. Now on June 15th night, barbaric clashes led to the death of many soldiers and officers from both sides. How did the situation worsen to such a level? What happened in the collapse of bonhomie with Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping? It is a real billion-dollar question. It is definitely a stinging slap on Jhuppi diplomacy. Maybe we should say, “All that hugs is not a friend?!”


[1] Gujarat keen to introduce Mandarin language schoolsNov 10, 2011, The Hindu

[2] Kin of jailed diamond traders happy as Modi takes up issueNov 10, 2011, The Times of India

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  1. What we are seeing now is simply China trying to grab land when the whole world is busy dealing with xingping corona virus.

  2. :-)… Article’s heading is “What went wrong” and ended in “What went wrong that’s a billion-dollar question”. I think some of the comments are longer than the article itself.

    One more poor quality article from team Pgurus !

  3. Both Asian leaders, Modi and Xi Jinping, are by nature very ambitious, expansionists, play their diplomacy card to their best in every possible way. #1. Xi has grabbed the power to “Rule China for Ever” and invested heavily more than their capacity in OBOR and CPEC investments. #2. Both have strived hard to keep Russia to come to their support if crisis arises by cutting defence deals purchasing Russian weaponry, missile system and fighter planes. Given the money power of 13 trillion$ economy, Xi, has started somewhat a bit too hastily threatening US and his other neighbours too early instead of waiting a bit longer. Modi emboldened with his world class diplomacy, abrogation of article 370 and getting the support of middle east nations to back him up, has also hastily revealed his plans to takeover the PoK and started weather forecasting for PoK. It is now posing a big threat to the continuation of the failing CPEC heavy investments and China would lose the access to icy cold rocky Aksai Chin. Their ally, Pakistan is unable to make big headway in infiltrating into J&K and wage their proxy war. 3. With the Lazy, Dormant, the Corrupt and MOU signing UPA Congress team gone for ever, Communist regime of China could not stomach the NDA/Modi Govt. building connecting roads and infrastructure developments in the Ladakh border along the LAC. It is now a test of power struggle issue between a strong 13 trillion vs 3 trillion $ economies in Asia. This eye ball to eye ball face off or confrontation is not going to leave any sooner. How the world powers align in taking sides between Modi and Xi Jinping will unfold in the next few months of post-COVID Pandemic phase. We will sit tight and watch how these two Titan-Asian giants settle their scores without blood shed and no major economic Disorder for all nations.

  4. What went wrong in Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping relations? A critical review is timely at the backdrop of PM Modi continuing for a second term. Honeymoon period is over!
    Earlier PM was denied Visa/Invite by advanced nations due to international racketeers Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and fossilized Commies massive influences.
    Befriending China was the only option left for PM Modi then to do business and in 2014 push his agenda to become PM aligning also with Baba Ramdev, Ram Jethmalani, Dr,S,Swamy et al!

    Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping personal relationship do not take center stage because we are a nation of measly 2.35tn economy while Chinese robust 13.50tn dollar economy.

    Narendra Modi follows Mahatma Gandhi Shanti mantra while Xi Jinping believes in expansionist and planned for the topmost world leadership status by 2030!!! .

    Its true Modi in November 2011 announced the teaching of Mandarin language in the Gujarat school curriculum! But conveniently forgets Mandarin language speaking Dr. S.Swamy, available within BJP party to resolve current issues with expansionist China! Like China, BJP developed expansionist attitude gulping down non-BJP pygmy MPs / MLAs even corrupt thugs!! So does China gulping terrorist Baksitan!.

    Eating habits of Indians and Chinese is totally different and hence China lacks Sattvic guna! A sleeping python or a dead slow moving dragon cannot be trusted. China is Tamasic and swallows our lands mile by a mile every year pushing their shepherds into our lands and expand into our territories and we Indians continue in “denial mode” . China already invested in 63 countries! How about India in SAARC? Our economy is likely to post a negative 1.5 GDP growth if not Kapil Sibal’s ZERO on 31st March 2021 under majboot sarkar!
    Another bad habit with PM Modi is that he took Israel President Netanyahu and US President Trump to Sabaramati Gandhi ashram based on personal relations! Both a brave, bold and innovative nations big leaders should not be forced to visit Ashrams/ hermitages. Did PM Modi try to convey both nations to shun their respective combat ready weaponry and adopt shanti mantra and become sanyasis? Making them visit an exclusive Gujarat state also was not good. World leaders’ precious time should have been utilized/ invested in underdeveloped/developing States in our Country.

    Bonhomie between US and India (with Israel-Japan) is the best option instead of trying for an Indo-Sino-Russian (Indo- Eurasian plate) Communists mischievous tango!! No matter how much Sonia-Raga-Priyanka make noises in favour of China and Russia! Buying S400 Complicated defense equipment was a mistake from PM Modi and his team of talent-less minsters. Are we in for a shock to receive its spare parts from China at a future date?

    Can much acclaimed PM Modi’s “patented timing” works against China? Not at all.

    A pendulum/cradle moves both ways and hence Swing Diplomacy is bound to fail. Before our arrogant majboot sarkar our SAARC neighbors are doing pelvic gyrations nowadays!

    Xi Jinping is not an Indian MP/MLA to buyout. Xi Jinping is not RSSman to maintain relationship with PM Modi and shout Bharat Mata Ki Jai and attend RSS shakha!

    • Everything about Modi is imaginary.
      When will people figure it out that he is just a puppet in motion providing illusions to Indian citizens!

  5. Strange article.

    Nothing went wrong.

    The chinese had a choice, honour your words or not.

    They chose to show their true dictatorial faces, and got smacked for it.

    Now they will have to get out of Tibet, South China Sea for starters.

  6. Strange article.

    Nothing went wrong.

    The chinese had a choice, honour your words or not.

    They chose to show their true dictatorial faces, and got smacked for it.
    Now they will have to gte out of Tibet, South China Sea fro starters.

  7. Modi did not fall for the ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ stuff, like the News media, and Nehru.
    China was not a friend. They were building RCEP through Indian territory. It is better this way. Now India has already started to openly say that building roads through Indian territory is not acceptable. The bonhomie was bound to fail.

  8. Modiji helped A Ambani get huge loans from multiple Chinese banks .Now A A is cunningly bankrupt and unable to payback even partial of the loan. Which seems obvious …

  9. Dear Sir,
    The personal friendship has no significance in diplomacy sans a covert step or infiltration. History speaks volumes of it. China’s Deep state has long visioned itself to rule the world. The tenets to achieve are not the conventional currencies of business, war and treaties. Fient and Deceit also are accepted denominations in their methods, they systematize the harnessing of fault lines of the systems they invade and establishing a sweet wrap of dependency to jolt or strike to submission again with deceit.
    In this context I guess whether its Mr. Xi or whether it was Sri. Modi as Indian Premier the fate was intertwined for this clash to happen barring a slightly altered timeline. Wuhan virus may be prompted Mr. Xi to encash his chance to etch his name in history of a New china Hegemony and world order.

  10. Good article Sir/ what went wrong? Friends become enemies when they compete with each other in the same field and want to dominate each other. Obama knew ModiG was not an ordinary leader, so he dumped the letter signed by Johh dayal missionary mafia, kahlistani retard groups and Pakistani sadists. ModiG had a grand reception and it got repeated thanks to thousands of NRIs who still keep Bharath in their hearts. China does not like ModiG getting admired all over the world and Russia, USA, Japan, Israel and Austarlia showing special interests in ModiG and wanting to make deals in all areas. ModiG plan to connect all south east Asia through high ways and making it easy for exporting hundreds of Indian products to south east nations is HATED by Chinese. Now 97% of UN members voted for India to be on the table at the security council. let us not forget China Pakistan and some others have been able to block our progress at UN for decades. Now thanks to Chinese virus, whole world is upset with China and they want some body to help them. Now India has a golden chance to supply medical supplies, medicines, medical personnel etc to countries in Africa and South America where china is doing big in business. So they tried to give a big threat to us through Dhoklum. well we won big as Russian Super sonic fighters, French Rafael, US warships and Israel and Austaria willing to come to our help, made us strong and we can definitely tell the back stabbing Chinese HUM KISI SE KUM NAHIN. we need to take care of Nepal asap

  11. As a common man I wonder what is this PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS in foreign policy. Neither Narendra Modi is a permanent Prime Minister of India nor Xi Jinping of China; Donald Trump of USA, are permanently going to be at the helm of affairs of their respective countries.

    Forget about media, I wonder if Narendra Modi has spine to take questions randomly from a very neutral common man and answer them.

    I am more and more seeing discord in the thinking/talking/action of Narendra Modi. Is honesty alone enough? Efficiency, leadership and task oriented action not required?

    Where is HOUSING FOR ALL?
    Where is the encouragement for R&D, patents and Make in India?


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