Why are Hindus painted as communal and others Secular

This country will be truly secular till the majority are Hindus

हर कोई हिंदुओं को सांप्रदायिक रूप से चित्रित कर रहा है
हर कोई हिंदुओं को सांप्रदायिक रूप से चित्रित कर रहा है

We are a country with many castes, creeds, religions, languages and cultures. Yet we are bound by the concept of one nation

From the last few months and until next year’s general elections, we are going to see a lot of false messages in social media. Every day I receive at least 20 to 30 messages especially from Christian and Muslim friends against Modi. They are not bothered about the fragile situation of India and that it tarnishes the image of India.

Their attitude is that, even if our country goes to dogs, they will target Modi.  We get stuck in this garbage and truth is lost.

Now they are trying to project BJP guys as rapists but they are not understanding the wrong message that’s being sent out to rest of world in name of targeting Modi.

As per the first-hand information from intelligence agencies, all this is being done by Islamic terrorists and Christian missionaries who are very active on social media. They are creating enmity between religion, castes, and states as well.

Nothing is going to change. We can discuss, debate and dissent not with hate but to increase our knowledge

In the next few months, we are going to see huge student protests against Modi, and these are already planned. We have to think about where this anti-Hindu phobia was created and Hindus are made to look like rapists. Suddenly a situation is created as if entire India is in the problem. It will harm the country and let us not be part of it.

Those who do not like BJP, they have a chance to defeat them in next election. Comment on Modi, but not against our religion. Nothing is going to happen to our religion which has withstood many invasions

But when anti-nationals create false messages which are harmful to the country creating a war like situation, we should not get carried away by these sort of posts. Let us be cautious …

Modi might be liked by some, hated by some. It’s one’s own personal wish. Don’t try to give an impression that if Modi goes away rapes are going to stop in India, Cauvery is going to flow fully in Tamilnadu and so on…

Nothing is going to change. We can discuss, debate and dissent not with hate but with reason, to enhance our knowledge.

I have not written this against anyone’s post but we as educated persons should be extra cautious.

We are a country with many castes, creed, religion, languages and cultures. Yet we are bound by the concept of one nation.

This country will be truly secular till the majority are Hindus. The day Hindus become the minority the word secular can be forgotten and I feel proud in saying that as well…

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

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  1. the article is a cowardly attempt to address a serious problem facing Hindus. The author & many commenter come out as weak.
    If Missionaries & jihadist are planning student protest, what are Hindu students doing, raise counter protest, ruthless propaganda in all media, overseas.

    Let the world know Hindus are fighting for their rights and decide.
    Even RSS is weak and feeble in response.

    The leader is a weak old man, resigned to fate. How will he protect Hindus?

    Ruthless & relentless assault is the answer.

    Please don’t publish such weak articles by softy authors.

  2. Black sheeps have suddenly been active. The time of distribution of the loaf of power is nearing.

    Country has no meaning to them.

    Unfortunately, people are amenable to be carried away by their false and frivolous promises and statements.

    Infact, people have been kept in that situation for decades together.

    Even basic amenities were kept away from the people’s reach.

    And if I may add even these so called leaders are too in dark. These novice leaders don’t understand that they too are being utilised in a bigger game plan of bringing the country under more notorious outsiders’ rule.

  3. You have expressed your views in the article and made certain statements which appears general It could have been better if you have come with facts figures and examples. What you say could be correct but your article lacks authenticity. Pl be more careful in writing such an articles

  4. Hmm.. when we can guess this much why are the central intelligence agency silent..is it not their duty to have a close watch on future problems….
    America all schools are run by government mostly without money I guess ..
    The only way to have a safe, peaceful and really secular India is to bring all schools, colleges n universities under government…be it minority run or majority run…
    No private schools…n all government n government aided schools to be directly under government and not under christian missionaries and trust. They only spread poison among different students and propagate wrong messages. Innocent students are being used by these people..for their selfish needs.
    All schools and colleges should be brought strictly under government for a peaceful India in future.

    • Well, you are factually wrong. America does have private school, many of them. America also has money and government capability to run its public schools much better than our government can. First let us reach the standard of Thailand and then aim for America. And by the way, I bet you send your child to a private school

      • Damn..The last sentence was hilarious and I do agree.I went to private school too which is known as Swami Aurobindo Integral Education Central but then I shifted to Govt school and college until I finished my academic career..


  6. In the name of getting justice to Asifa the kashmiri girl raped & killed , the Muslims in Kerala ransacked Hindu shops, opened a closed KR Bakery and looted food items and destroyed many furniture. Is this hooligans behaving as per the teaching of muhammad. Those who object to the rule of Modi want to make India another Syria so they can please their foreign masters

    • I guess no media would have reported this…
      I think it’s high time bjp starts news channels which will truly reflect the real media and real problems.

    • Be proud to live in a secular state. Other than Israel is there one example of a properly functioning religious state? Of any religion? And don’t say we can be like Israel coz we can’t. Our human material is significantly inferior to theirs in terms of discipline, attitude, honesty……


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