Why are suicides increasing in the CAPF?

The number of suicides in the CAPF have gone up and the MHA is working on addressing this, said the Min of State for Home

The number of suicides in the CAPF have gone up and the MHA is working on addressing this, said the Min of State for Home
The number of suicides in the CAPF have gone up and the MHA is working on addressing this, said the Min of State for Home

In 2019 alone 128 jawans in the paramilitary forces committed suicide

The number of suicide cases in the paramilitary forces is shockingly increasing. The Union Home Ministry on Tuesday informed Lok Sabha that in the year 2019 alone, 128 persons committed suicide, which is the largest number for various reasons ranging from mental trauma to personal.  In 2018, 96 persons and in 2017, 121 persons committed suicide as per the answer given by the Union Home Ministry.

The Minister of State for Home, Nityanand Rai was replying to BJP’s MP Prataprao Patil Chiklikar’s un-starred question on the suicides happening in the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) and Assam Rifles.  “Reduction of stress and improvement of working conditions of CAPFs and AR personnel is a constant endeavour of the ministry,” said Minister in response to a question as to what steps were taken in this context by the Government.

In a two-page reply, the Home Ministry has detailed what all the measures it has initiated to take care of the troopers in the paramilitary forces. Rai said various measures have been taken to reduce stress and

improve the working conditions of these forces. “Some of them are transparent policies pertaining to transfer and leave of CAPFs and AR (Assam Rifles) personnel,  hospitalisation period due to injuries while on duty is treated as on duty; choice posting is considered to the extent possible after the personnel has served in hard areas,” he said.

“Other such steps include regular interaction of officers with troops to find out and redress their grievances, ensuring adequate rest and relief by regulating their duty hours, improving living conditions for troops, providing adequate recreational, entertainment, sports and communication facilities among other steps,” he added.

The Government also claimed that a series of measures have been initiated to ensure adequate rest and regulating duty hours and improving living conditions and providing recreation and entertainment facilities. In the answer given to Lok Sabha, Government also said measures to provide good accommodation with family, crèche facility also started providing in many remote areas.

“Facility for retention of government accommodation at the place of last posting  (for keeping family) while posted in sensitive areas like Jammu and Kashmir, Maoist hit areas and North East,” said Government detailing the welfare measures to the jawans including providing good career progression. The government also said that it had tasked officers to interact with jawans on a routine basis to identify and settle the problems of the jawans. The Government also said that it is planning to increase the financial component if there is a lack of scope of promotions to the jawans.

The Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) comprise the CRPF, the BSF, the CISF, the ITBP, and the SSB apart from the Assam Rifles (AR) that works under the command of the Union Home Ministry.

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