Why did the Govt dilly dally on taking action against NDTV?

In an inexplicable move, Indian Govt. has put the one-day ban on NDTV on hold

In an inexplicable move, Indian Govt. has put the one-day ban on NDTV on hold
Naidu does a volte face, puts a hold on the one-day ban on NDTV

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]A[/dropcap]fter getting huge public support and massive boost from Social Media (SM), the Central Government dilly dallied at the last minute by holding off the one-day ban on NDTV. This shows that the Lutyens’ Delhi is still able to thwart Narendra Modi and the Right Wing with its wheeling dealings.  NDTV approached the Supreme Court against the one-day ban on its Hindi channel NDTV India on Monday morning and the case was posted on Tuesday morning, a day prior to the scheduled ban – November 9. The video which drew the one day ban is available at the end of the post.

BJP was bashed by Right Wingers in SM for “spineless action”.

The Left wing and pro-Congress journalists held protest meetings on Monday afternoon against the Government’s decision and were wary of the Supreme Court’s possible verdict. The Apex Court itself had cast aspersions on the style of TV coverage during Mumbai 26/ 11 terror attacks. But peace was brokered in the evening after talks between NDTV Boss Prannoy Roy and the Information & Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu.

After the talks, Government decided to hold the ban and Central government and ruling party BJP was bashed by Right Wingers in SM for “spineless action.” Every survey showed that more 80 percent people were in favour of Government’s decision to impose a one-day ban on NDTV India. Even Naidu expressed happiness over the survey results and it is still a mystery as to why the Government committed a volte face and patched up with NDTV, which was caught red-handed for violating the programme codes on national security.

So why did the Government engage in talks with the TV channel management in the evening after it challenged Government in the Court during the day? Was it the work of Delhi’s wheeler dealer gangs to broker a “compromise”?

In the eighties, Rajiv Gandhi was adamant and raided Indian Express and even put all departments on notice for minor internal construction violations in the office, when Ramnath Goenka – Arun Shourie roared on Bofors scandal. Congress was ruthless even though it knew that if Indian Express approached the Supreme Court the newspaper would win the case. Ironically, the same Congress is now talking about Press Freedom. The Left Governments and Mamta Banerjee, who bulldoze media also talk big things about Freedom of Expression, when NDTV was caught for violating programme codes on national security.  Sadly many BJP spokespersons who land in TV hardly know the history to counter the Congress-Left Goebbels-like tactics.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]E[/dropcap]verybody in Lutyens Delhi is aware of the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s soft corner for NDTV. He gave “Exclusive Interviews” to NDTV Editor Barkha Dutt, even as the Enforcement Directorate under his Ministry is pursuing Rs. 2030 crores FEMA violation case against NDTV. The Income Tax Department under him is also pursuing a case of Rs.525 crore tax evasion against NDTV. Perhaps Mr. Jaitley was thinking that by giving an interview to NDTV and at the same time having his ministry probe them, he was being abundantly fair. Can an IT officer or ED officer act freely when the Minister is hobnobbing with the top management of the channel? We will let the reader decide.

The Inter Ministerial Committee suggested a three month ban on NDTV India for gross violation in reporting of Pathankot terror attack, violating all norms.

A noted commentator Madhu Kishwar had poked fun at Jaitley tweeting the following:
Madhu Kishwar's tweet on AJ

The Inter Ministerial Committee suggested a three month ban on NDTV India for gross violation in reporting of Pathankot terror attack, violating all norms. It is alleged in Delhi circles that Jaitley lobbied to reduce the punishment to just one day and now even that is put on hold.

The dilly dallying has dented the strong image of the government. It shows an inability to do closure, that at the last minute, someone intervenes. Mr. Naidu could have told NDTV to wait and see what the Supreme Court does. This was the easiest way out. What was the necessity to rush and put a hold? He should come clean and explain his decision of what led him to change his mind. Even if Arnab’s off the air, the nation wants to know!

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  1. Why is this action by the government not a distraction? It may be closing in on NDTV legally. When it can get the court to do what it wants, why should the government get its hands dirty. Now it appears benign to some, fair to some, spineless to a few and what have you. Get Mr.Swamy to speak on this leniency, we may get some insight.

  2. This Arun Jaitley is real Trojan Horse of Modi Government. For his corrupt friends, he ditches the Organisation which groomed him.

    • Agree with you. He is here to protect his cronies and retainers
      This lawyer knows zilch about Finance. To me it appears that he has a hold over Amit Shah & Modi. Mark my words, Jaitley will prove to be Modi’s undoing, if he does not remove him quickly.

  3. Shameful of suspending the ban for a day. One day ban itself is too little and too late. No Government can get the sort of support that this Government got on this ban. Is the Government worried what would be the decision of the court? If the Police think about court before acting on a criminal, they will never be able to do their job. Consequences needs to be and can be faced if the rightful action is taken. Also Government should ensure that No Channel is allowed anywhere near the action area and/or the military area.

  4. PM Modi should intervene immediately and see that the ban is enforced without any concessions. Otherwise we the BJP supporters will be completely disappointed.I have not yet heard of any good thing done by IB minister in spite of our complaints of MSM not only as regards national security or Hindu and BJP baiting. It is high time that he is replaced by Smith in which case MSM will run for cover.


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