Why is the Left-Lumpens getting jealous over India winning medals?

Why is the Left-Lumpens getting jealous over India winning medals? Sree Iyer analyses the burnol moment of these so called liberals

Namaskar! Some sections of India are experiencing Burnol moment at India’s success at the Olympics. Their ire has been especially directed at Neeraj Chopra, who brought India its first-ever Gold medal in Athletics. You will see a few tweets displayed alongside this video, showing the emotions of these ill-wishing Indians.

Feku ke raaj mein to fekne wala hi jeetega! wrote one. Let us take a step back and look at what Neeraj has achieved. Performing well at the Olympics is a process, something that is evolutionary and takes time, discipline, and single-minded focus and determination. Many of you may not know this – most Olympic athletes train in the United States. Their sleep time, food intake, type of training, everything is minutely monitored by a team of accomplished dieticians, coaches, and so on. Did Neeraj get the benefit of all this?

It irked these lumpens further that Neeraj is a Subedar in Rajputana Rifles[1], whose rallying cry is Raja Ramachandra ki Jai! They pulled out his old tweets and tried to poke fun at him. Despicable is the only word that will describe these demented. Some of you may not understand words like despicable and demented but these pseduos do. Their pride is their command over Queen’s English deployed against what they used to call derisively, Cheddiwalas. Shame on you!

What the Indian athletes go through is just unbearable pain and derision by unasked-for advice that we Indians excel in giving. That they still managed to scale the top is worthy of praise. When state after state was giving awards/ jobs to its own, the CPI-M government refuses to even acknowledge the existence of one of its star players in the Bronze-medal winning Indian Hockey team. Pandering to your vote bank has reached a new high. I am waiting to see what Pinarayi Vijayan does when Sanju Samson hits a match-winning double hundred. India will and does appreciate good performance from any Indian and that is what you should do too Mr. Vijayan. Period.

Former Finance Minister Mr. P Chidambaram tweets with a left-handed compliment that India should start preparing for the next Olympics, which are just three years away. Unasked-for advice for you – put your money where your mouth is, sponsor the best medal hopefuls to come and train in the United States and see how India will suddenly bloom as a sporting nation. India wants to know how you made a certain judge see through a Black and White case of corruption and still give not one, not two but twenty-five times bail.

As for these Left-lumpens, learn to appreciate the athletes for their efforts – if you can’t do that, at least keep your mouths shut.

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[1] Subedar Neeraj Chopra — an Olympian and a soldierAug 08, 2021, The Hindu


  1. India’s performance is abysmal. There is no need to do the ignoramus “Maunmohan” or “Modi” Jack Horner thing about it. India’s major handicap bequeathed by the British, Patel, Nehru, Ambedkar et al is Government. The key is to ensure laws are framed and policies formulated to ensure the welfare, freedom, dignity, prosperity and happiness of all individual citizens, from which will come the welfare, freedom, dignity, prosperity and happiness of the Nation. https://www.npr.org/sections/tokyo-olympics-live-updates/2021/07/28/1020780003/how-the-olympic-medal-table-explains-the-world


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