With Abhijit Iyer-Mitra on his complaint to EC against Facebook for Interference in Indian Elections

Explosive! Facebook uses a US co whose South Asia expert Shuja Nawaz is the brother of ex-Pak Army Chief! Is Atlantic Council "regulating" FB users/ pages in India? What is the EC doing?


  1. FakeBook made Rs 521 crores last year in India. India is a hyper growth market for them. Squeeze that ball really hard till you hear them squeal. That is the only way to force Zuckerberg and the Fakebook to listen to you. Money talks. Of course, it is wishful thinking to expect some paan chewing, nincompoop, subservient brown coolie in the bureaucracy/ministry to even care about this much less device a strategy and execute it.

  2. Thanks (Abhijit and Sri) Iyers for flagging this mischief on the temple of democracy! Hope the authorities of the Indian Government and Constitutional Machinery! will discover their spine and slap these foreign agencies and their high handed actions and involvement in the Indian election process.


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