With Prof. M D Nalapat on what needs to be done to India’s Economy

Vote on account Budget is constrained in what it can pass and suggest. The real budget is where the details are and Prof. Nalapat discusses the headwinds Indian economy is facing


  1. Its painful for those who really love India when such matters are reported by a few on the unprecedented corruption that is so brazenly propagated by government agencies. Yet India is plundered by the few and wealth taken out.

  2. Prof Nalapat is spot on in his analysis and openly expressing his displeasure on how things are going on currently, without mincing words. I can feel his righteous anger seething throughout his replies. He is right because even a drop of curd can curdle the milk – and loopholes should have been plugged at the outset before launching various measures. Many thanks Sree Iyer for this enlightening interview.

    The tremendous damage done by 60 years of Congress rule should have been addressed on a priority basis; As an aside, I got to hear that the law was amended perhaps by UPA to enable RaGa or his mom to be PM of India – if that is indeed the case, it should have been reversed on top priority. There is a genuine concern in the minds of the people as to why this government (despite popular mandate) is behaving in this manner? Hope Modi & co are listening and let good sense prevail…….


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