INX Media case – Indrani seeks pardon and declares to become an approver.  Confessed to agencies about bribing & obliging demands of Chidambaram

Matters might speed up in the INX Media bribe case as Indrani Mukherjea turns approver

Indrani Mukherjea

In a big setback to tainted former Finance & Home Minister P Chidambaram and son Karti, in the INX Media bribery case, co-accused Indrani Mukerjea on Thursday filed a petition in the trial court seeking pardon and her intention to turn an approver. Indrani has already given her statement to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and also testified before the Magistrate that she had given around Rs. 5 crores to Karti’s firms on the direction of Chidambaram to get a Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance.

Hearing Indrani through video conferencing, Judge Sunil Rana posted the case for February 14. Indrani is currently lodged in Byculla Jail in Mumbai as she is facing trial for the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora. Indrani and her second husband Peter Mukherjea are currently in jail for the murder case and are also co-accused with Chidambaram for paying bribes to get a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) clearance to their TV channel  INX Media in 2007.

Responding positively as the court asked her whether application seeking a grant of pardon has been moved voluntarily, she also said that she has not engaged counsel to represent her and requested a legal aid counsel be provided to her. The court directed Delhi Legal Service Authority to appoint counsel for Mukerjea.

It is learned that Indrani has confessed to CBI and ED that she had met Chidambaram many times and Chidambaram also asked her to help Karti’s firms. In her statement, she also said that even after giving around a million dollars (more than Rs. 5 crores) to Karti’s firms, she obliged to Chidambaram’s other demands also. To questions of investigators as to why she obliged to Chidambaram’s demands Indrani replied that as she was facing Income Tax prosecution for illegally bringing more than Rs.300 crores, she had no other choice accepting such demands. It is learned that CBI and ED had videographed Indrani’s sensational confession about Chidambaram. She said that as Income Tax prosecution was hanging like a “Damocles’ sword” on her, she had no choice but to oblige to Chidambaram’s demands.

What is INX Media bribery case?

INX Media bribery case is an offshoot of the Aircel-Maxis scam probe. The INX Media bribe was caught by ED’s Joint Director Rajeshwar Singh, during their joint raid with Income Tax at Chidambaram’s home and Karti’s firms in December 2015 in connection with the Aircel-Maxis probe. The raid had exposed Chidambaram family’s illegal assets in 14 countries and 21 undeclared foreign bank accounts[1].  ED wrote to CBI in early 2016 that during their investigation, they found four FIPB violations committed by Chidambaram including INX-Maxis bribe case, urging for registration of First Information Reports (FIR)s on each case.

As per the CBI’s FIR, in 2007, INX Media got an FIPB clearance to accept only Rs.5 crores as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Income Tax then found that INX illegally accepted Rs.305 crores and issued a notice to Peter and Indrani, promoters of the TV channel. After getting the notice from Income Tax, the promoters approached Chidambaram and Karti and paid bribes amounting to around Rs.5 crores. The kickback was routed to Karti’s firms Advantage Strategic Consulting and Chess Management Services. After Karti confirmed receipt, the FIPB headed by Chidambaram issued an “illegal” post facto clearance to INX Media to accept Rs.305 crores. This was a blatant violation to save the firm from the Income Tax’s prosecution, said CBI. Karti was arrested by the CBI in a surprise move in February 2018, when he landed from London. After son’s arrest sensing danger Chidambaram obtained interim protection from Delhi HC in March 2018.

All accounts to be settled at the end of the day!

This money was transferred from Karti’s (now closed) Bank account of Royal Bank of Scotland’s Chennai Branch sometime during the time period January 16, 2006 to September 23, 2009, into Chidambaram’s bank account.  It must be remembered that during this time Mr. Chidambaram was the Finance Minister and this was the time period when the Aircel-Maxis and INX media bribery cases happened.  This shows that Chidambaram is well aware of his son’s activities and he also got his pound of flesh from the money collected by his son, further misusing the office of the Finance Minister.

This transfer of Rs.1.8 crores from the broker-son to the FM-father shows that they were in regular touch and were settling accounts on a case-by-case basis. People familiar with the customs that prevail in Tamil Nadu say that Chettiar businessman will settle accounts on the spot even if they are father and son[2]!

Kya hai Iraada? Aadha-Aadha Rajesh Khanna song Suits father son duo

Meanwhile, Delhi High Court (HC) Bench of Justice Sunil Gaur had already reserved for orders for the application filed by Chidambaram seeking protection from arrest by CBI and ED. The agencies told HC that they need Chidambaram for custodial interrogation.


[1] Chidambara Rahasya – Details of huge secret assets of Chidambaram and familyMar 15, 2017,

[2] Karti transferred 1.8 crores to Chidambaram’s account. But media stays mumMar 6, 2018,,

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  1. my guru you are my inspiration I will fight corruption with utmost honesty, you are exposing politicians , I will expose Raghuram Rajan the biggest crook from Harvard he should arrest,his iit and iim certificates should be returned and should be disqualified from entering in to India and I will make him pay heavy for his mistake , I am writing article on how he misused his powers within 2 days I will finish that article ,now i am student in final year after my graduation when you are going to expose all the bankers I want to be your assistant which is like dream come true for me ,but as you justice take time but finally justice only prevails
    thank u for inspiring me,he destroyed the economy with dosanomics which is a utter failure to the indian system,he helped karthik and vadra to do short selling ,80:20 gold scheme ,american economy to grow
    he should be arrested under prevention of corruption act ,breach of arrest and so on

  2. Para 3 of above article – Quote “It is learnt that Indrani has confessed to CBI and ED that she had met Chidambaram many times and Chidambaram also asked her to help Karti’s firms. In her statement, she also said that even after giving around a million dollars (more than Rs. 5 crores) to Karti’s firms, she obliged to Chidambaram’s other demands also.” – UNQUOTE.

    First issue was bribe money. What was that Indrani Mukherjee obliged PC’s other demands also. The euphemistically called OTHER DEMAND was Free Happy Hours with girl(s). Many Congi politicians are afflicted with the vice of ” Free Happy Hours with extras” The name of play boy attitude Congi leader came out earlier was Narayan Dutt Tiwari and now PC. Congi culture is afflicted with the Free Happy Hours vice since Jawaharlal Nehru time. He was the Paraabara Guru of PC, etal in Congi Happy Hours tradition

  3. “even after giving around a million dollars (more than Rs. 5 crores) to Karti’s firms, she obliged to Chidambaram’s other demands also”. Surely one would be most curious as to what are the other demands of PC as many more ladies were also involved with scams during the UPA 2 rule.

  4. Whole of India, except the Congress brigade, will celebrate when the two Chidambarams are sent to Tihar Jail for a long, long vacation. Meanwhile, your Investigating Team should please tell us what were the “other demands” of Chidambaram were met by Indrani
    apart from those Rs 5 crores. Were those “demands”
    linked to Chiddu’s alleged lust for lust?

  5. Kindly have this in mind.
    I don’t trust Modi to be a Hindu…
    Don’t publish this too…
    I am worried for India…and Hindus…
    Initially modi was met by Joseph Vijay n even mdmk vaikoo was in support with modi…(Christian groups have a separate link and they know who are all converts )
    Also srm institution (is he a Christian?)
    — modi conducted a big meeting initially…
    Most of the central government raids are targeted on Hindu businesses…
    RTI which was aimed at destroying small Hindu schools has not been taken back…
    I suspect nitin katkari n Amit shah also to be converts…
    Most of the famous Gujarat companies – amul, essar are all Christian ..
    Christians have an idea – they willspread good news about a person or brand if he is a Christian or convert…
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    One mr.pazhakaruppaiah told that the younger kanchi swamy is our person…(Chris?)
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    Now vaiko has gone to meet nirmala..(I guess she too is a convert…went immediately for all Christian rescue operations but didn’t even bother about Meenakshi temple burn out…)
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  6. What other “DEMANDS”INDRANI has alluded to?? Means the NDTV is also a warehouse for ÖTHER DEMANDS”? BDUTT, NIDHI, JAMES ROY please answer

  7. मा बेटा दिल्ही में – गिरोह का केंद्र बनकर।

    बुआ भतीजा लखनौ में – विरोध में भी दोस्ती जोडकर।

    दीदी अकेली – पोंन्झी की राणी बनकर

    चाचा भतीजा मुंबई में – सिंचाई का पानी पीकर

    बाप बेटा चेन्नई में – INX के लूटेरे बनकरः।

    सब मिलके चले महागठबंधन करके – पाने दिल्ही की कुर्सी।

    बेचारों बेखबर हैं – तैयार हैं तिहाड़ में उनकी फांसी

  8. Aircel-Maxis and INX Media Cases are just the small TIP of the BIG and Humungous ICE BERG of Corruption carried out by Honourable Sir. P. Chidambaram. The Govt. is clinging onto a small portion of the mega multi layered heist of the Century. Put the Prodigal Too greedy son KC to third degree treatment, one of the mega scams carried out in India would come to light. Taken together all the mega scams if handled well for interrogation and completion: #1. Sonia-Rahul Vadra Scams, #2. PC-KC-NC Benami Transfers, #3. Mukul Roy, Sudipto Sen,-H. Biswas-Mamata Benaerjee Joint Saradha/Rose Valley Chit fund Scams. If these cases are completed quickly, all other Corruptions will come out on its own and India will be totally freed from the menace of the following: Communists, Communalists, Corrupts, Cheats, Commission Agents, Congress, Chamchas of Congress Party, Chamchas within the Congress, CPI, CPI [M]. Modi’s Aach Din could become a reality. Yes, Modi can get 15 Lakhs INR into the bank account of ALL Indian citizens. Modi and his team to work harder to bring closure of all these Trio Cases.

    • We all wish your words come true.. Judiciary and executive must co-operate and helpful to a nation which has been milked dry by the rogues.
      A man who is silent and away from limelight but a real BAAP of all thieves is left out by you. Should he also not give company to the list of crooks in your post?

      SUGAR POWER is very smart and is the guide, inspiration everything to a generation of thieves. Sharad pawar… His loot can be a sum total of all other thieves easily

    • Intellectuals can keep talking but it’s the illiterate masses who are going to vote…
      Educational institutions captured by minorities to brainwash youth…media and come industry captured my missionaries… And brainwashed…
      How to educate rural masses on all the wrongs done by Congress. Media talks only about rafale not supreme Court is silent … They don’t even condemn it… But expects strict enforcement on sabarimala which is not in agreement with the majority..
      Kindly don’t publish all my messages…
      It’s just for thought sharing. The crooked Congress takes words from me and use them against the welfare of the country..

    • Agreed This takes some time in our democratic system. Let PM get his second term. U will see the results faster. In his first term, he was New Delhi and the deep state. Now that he is aware, if elected with absolute majority, results will be beneficial to India, otherwise it is the destiny of Indians that will finally decide the outcome.

  9. When will these crooks land in jail for anti national activities, stealing is anti national and hence the whole family including his grand child needs to be jailed for life and sentenced to hard labour. PC should be given capital punishment.


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