Karti transferred Rs.1.8 crores to P Chidambaram’s account. But media omits to name Chidambaram

Was it hubris that made Karti Chidambaram transfer bribe money to his father, the then Finance Minister?

Was it hubris that made Karti Chidambaram transfer bribe money to his father, the then Finance Minister?
Was it hubris that made Karti Chidambaram transfer bribe money to his father, the then Finance Minister?

Highly placed officials in Financial Intelligence Unit have confirmed to PGurus that Karti Chidambaram has transferred Rs.1.8 crores to his father and the then Finance Minister (FM) P Chidambaram in five installments. This money transfer news was first broken by Times of India[1] on Monday morning. And this was also reported by Outlook, Firstpost and Times Now later.  But none of them including the Times of India reported Chidambaram’s name. All they said was that Karti transferred Rs.1.8 crores of money to a highly influential politician by withholding the name of his father, P Chidambaram.

One wonders why there is reticence on part of the media houses to state the truth in its unvarnished form.  Shouldn’t the Fourth Estate say it like it sees it?

This money was transferred from Karti’s (now closed) Bank account of Royal Bank of Scotland’s Chennai Branch sometime during the time period January 16, 2006 to September 23, 2009, into Chidambaram’s bank account.  It must be remembered that during this time Mr. Chidambaram was the Finance Minister and this was the time period when the Aircel-Maxis and INX media bribery cases happened.  This shows that Chidambaram is well aware of his son’s activities and he also got his pound of flesh from the money collected by his son, further misusing the office of the Finance Minister. Was it hubris?

This transfer of Rs.1.8 crores from the broker-son to the FM-father shows that they were in regular touch and were settling accounts on a case-by-case basis. People familiar with the customs that prevail in Tamil Nadu say that Chettiar businessman will settle accounts on the spot even if they are father and son!

Meanwhile, many Delhi based Tamil Journalists in the English media are working overtime to save their master. It is learned that bribe giver Indrani was introduced to Karti by a former Editor of a Financial daily who is currently running a website. He is also from Tamil Nadu, settled in Delhi. As Indrani has named this Editor, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is expected to question this person and is expected to make him a witness.


[1] Karti Chidambaram moved Rs.1.8 crores to Sr. Neta: ED OfficialsMar 5, 2019, Times of India

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  1. i would love to see any and every Congress leader in jail, but i have to wonder if all this sound and fury will end up exactly like the 2G scam did…

  2. I’ve strong doubt, if its all ill legal money then why needs to transfer through online transfer? Soon this drama show ll come to an end. For time being this news would be nutrition for all media and public platform.

  3. Chidambaram should be punished for coining Hindu Terrorism. It is time that he be tried by police authorities in “third degree styles” to get all truth in a single tape i.e. from Italian Bar Maid, Pappu to foreign accounts. Hope the courts (HC & SC) do not give similar punishment like they have done to Lalu in fodder scam Rs. 700 crorers = 5 years. Rs. 10 crorers should be 0.07 years = 0.85 months = 25 days in jail !!!!

  4. Very soon, Chidambram will become the ‘Laloo’ of Tamil Nadu. Laloo has only 6 no ‘chara cases’ to keep him jailed for life. Chidu has ‘n’ number of more serious cases that can make him ‘Tihar ka Mehman’ for the next 6 births. We welcome ‘FIPB Chidu’ to ‘Tihar Palace’ for an eternal ‘yug-yug’ stay.

  5. Today’s The Hindu says that Karti had taken a loan from his father for construction of a house which he repaid over a period in instalments. Perfectly valid and legal transaction!
    The mere fact that this transfer took place through normal banking channels should be enough to give it immunity from criminal proceedings. (in all probability, it might have been reported in their IT returns)
    This news itself may be a red herring floated by the agencies.

    • Giriji, The issue is NOT (1) Whether Chiambaram received the money from Karti ‘through banking channels’ or ‘in cash’ or (2) whether for ‘legitimate purpose’. The fact incontrovertibly established here is the ‘dirty money trail’ links – ‘Indrani’, ‘ASCPL’, ‘Karti’ and our great ‘Chidambaram’.. Prosecution case stands vindicated now.

  6. So it is all in the family. Dynasty is not confined or restricted to power but extends to corruption which a product of power. If In the affidavit filed by Sonia before the EC she avers that she had either given a loan of 9 lacs to Rahul or taken a loan of 9 lacs from him (dont remember which) y cant there be sharing of loot between father and son?

  7. There is nothing unusual…the same expected..for few public it may be a news…politicians at that level it’s give and take policy..so all irrespective of party line all are silent…Indian democracy is great.

  8. Am disappointed with PGurus who also tried to shield a particular name. Varadarajan, with his ugly stubby beard, who was behind the Wire break of Jayant Shah’s Company is Lutyen Lumpen who needs to be named and shamed.

    If T/O of a Company is its profit, as the article made to convince the igorant public, then the less said about these Financial commentators the better.

    Those apart, PGurus also affected by some kind of fear of being hammered by the unnamed Editor.


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