With RVS Mani on what led to the fall of Vajpayee Govt. It is not who you think.

Of all the LS MPs that voted for ABV govt to fall, which was the dodgiest one? Why did the Speaker Balayogi of TDP allow this inebriated CM of Odisha, to vote in the Parliament? RVS Mani explains...


  1. Dear Sir, The fallout of 1996 Vajpayee government was mainly due to Dr.Swamy only. Gridhar Gomang belong to congress and he voted as per whip order. Mr.Saifuddin Soz voted against his party whip. Dr.Swamy who was Madurai MP then, didn’t even cast his vote. He left parliament before voting started citing some appointment and a flight to catch. Sedapatti Muthiah of AIADMK didn’t even cast his vote and kept the ballot in his pocket. Please remember that’s the first time parliament went for electronic voting and on that occasion members were asked to cast their vote electronic and paper. The downfall of that government was definitely coined by Dr.Swamy and greediness and arrogance of Ms.J.Jayalalitha. The facts shared by Prof.RVS in this regard are not accurate.


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