Nikunj Trivedi and Indu Viswanathan on being a Sanatani in the US and the Harvard incident

An in-depth look at the Indian-American diaspora that are enrolled in the United States and the attempt by the Left-Liberal fake narratives to show Modi (and Sanatana Dharma) in poor light and how some student bodies are fighting back and educating the majority in the process.


  1. The guests had some really good points… I wish they received the opportunity and gap to speak more. Maybe Shree, next time you talk less about all the great things you know and allow your guests to share their knowledge.. You’ve invited them for a reason! If you want to only give your examples – drive a podcast!! I had to run through to listen to what Indu ji & Nikunj ji had to say, after they patiently waited for your monologues to end!

  2. Excellent discussion, could not get enough of these these impressive, articulate, intelligent, humble youngsters as Sree spoke more than the guests. Please bring them on again, look forward to hearing their viewpoints..

  3. I have been following PGurus for quite awhile now, & this is my first comment. For the Sanatani today in 2020, the way forward may be equating this open architecture of Hinduism with Democracy? For both are in danger, by vested interests. Hinduism is a democratic and freeing thought process that leads to Ulitmate Freedom of the individual from ALL bondage, and Freedom is at the core of democracy, you are free to choose your leader as you are free to choose whether you want to be divine or demonic. So as the last surviving civilization, and the 2 largest democracies, this equation may consolidate the Sanatanis in the US. Ifs a nascent thought, and needs a great deal of refinement.


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