Suo motu arrest of Jain asks more questions than answers

Is the law applicable only to the majority community?

Is the law applicable only to the majority community?
Is the law applicable only to the majority community?

When Jain Bakeries & Confectioneries, a well-known landmark in Chennai’s T Nagar shopping district put up an advertisement stating that their products are made by Rajasthani Jains on orders and there are no Muslims as staff members, the police filed a suo-moto (on its own) case and arrested the proprietor on charges of creating communal hatred. The arrest and the subsequent developments have made the establishment ‘popular’ not only in Tamil Nadu but all over the country.

But what is being ignored by a vast majority of Indians is the marketing and promotion of Halal certified products ranging from five-star residential projects to dating websites to shampoos and mascara. The Indian Standard Institute with its ISI mark and the Food Safety And Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the last words as Indian standards were concerned are things of the past while the Halal India logo and certificates rule the roost, according to Hindu Janjagruthi Samiti, an umbrella organization of various Hindu organisations in the country.

Prithviraj Sukumaran, a leading Malayalam film actor has been roped in as the brand ambassador for the Halal-certified residential projects in Kerala while there are shampoos, mascara and premium soap brands which display the Halal certificates as their unique selling proposition. A five-star apartment in Kerala has launched a media blitzkrieg stating that it is India’s first Sharia-compliant Halal certified residential project.

Halal Soap
Halal Soap
Halal Kajal
Halal Kajal
Halal Shampoo
Halal Shampoo

Love Jihad, an infamous strategy employed by the Islamic fanatics to attract Hindu girls and ladies by convincing them that the Muslim youths are the real heroes in their dreams and thereby convert them and dump them as commodities in flesh markets in West Asian countries gets purity and sanctity through Halal certified Dating Portals, they claim.

Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson of HJS says that the Arabic word Halal means “Valid according to Islam”. “Originally a demand kept in the context of meat ‘Halal’ is now demanded in many things including vegetarian food, cosmetics, medicines, hospitals, household items and even malls. For this, it has been made mandatory to obtain a ‘Halal certificate‘ from private Islamic organizations. In secular India, is it necessary to obtain a private Islamic certificate after obtaining a certificate from the government’s Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)?,” asked Shinde who said that the HJS would soon launch an awareness programme all over India to educate and enlighten the people about the dangers involved in the Halal scheme.

Shinde pointed out that crores of rupees earned through ‘Halal certification’ is going to Islamic organizations instead of Central and State governments. “Few Islamic organizations amongst this are providing judicial help for rescuing fanatics caught up in terrorist activities. They even oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) passed by the central government. A religion-based parallel economy in secular India is a threat to National security. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has appealed to the government to immediately stop the practice of ‘Halal certification’ and the citizens of India to boycott ‘Halal certified’ products,” said Shinde.

The Congress-led UPA Government that ruled the country for a decade (2004 to 2014) had allowed government establishments like Indian Railways, Air India and Tourism Corporation to make halal mandatory, which is still going on. “Even the pure vegetarian snacks of the well-known ‘Haldiram’ have now become ‘Halal certified’. Nuts, sweets, chocolate, grains, oils, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, mascara, lipstick; McDonald’s burgers, and Domino’s pizza are all halal certified. ‘Halal Certificate’ is mandatory on products exported to Islamic countries; But why is it needed in a Hindu-majority India? If things are going to be like this, it won’t be wrong to say that India is moving towards ‘Islamization‘,” Shinde pointed out.

The HJS spokesman threw light on some unseen and unexplained businesses happening in the name of Halal certification. “Each trader is initially charged Rs. 21,500 for issuing this Halal certificate and Rs. 15,000 for its annual renewal. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti wants to stop this parallel economy from growing further in India. For this, Samiti is creating awareness through meetings of industrialists, lectures and social media across the country on topics like ‘Futility of Halal in India‘, ‘A mine planted in India’s secularism’ and ‘Damages it is causing to the government’”, he stated.

While the Government of India has a ‘Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’ as well as a ‘Food and Drug Administration’ department in many states, why do we need so many Islamic organizations issuing ‘Halal Certificates’? Is it not the job of the Government? How many other cases has the Law and Order machinery taken suo motu and acted?

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  1. Why should a poor Indian carry the debts, to pay for whims of some vague overthere ?*

    Before 11 September 2001 ;
    that flow of petro-dollars from UAE, Saudi Arabia (Deobandi) kept India on the ‘boil’ is well known.
    After 11 September 2001, majority of hijackers were Saudi citizens.

    Refined covers to hide treachery, real intent :
    Money laundering involves transferring [opaque means, off-shore structures-(§§)] illegal funds through a complex network, web of transactions (§§§) thus making the origin, source of money increasingly ambiguous, and subsequently passed through the legal economic activities that turns it into ‘legal’ money. (§§)

    Why is an Indian being compelled to venture into high Security risks and bear enormous cost of it :
    Names of Muslims can be a combination of words, and each word is also an independent name. So there is the possibility to generate easily 15-20 Identities (through permutation and combinations. There are 2 letters in Urdu Alphabet which sound like ‘k’ in English. This can further generate another series of Identities.
    A single Muslim male keeping 4 woman in a single household can produce 4 children in a year. It would be a highly expensive task to differentiate between them by photographs.

    Starting 15052020 :
    Who are the beneficiaries of ‘Halal’ business ?
    The past credit/debt history must be scrutinized before new credit is given.
    Accounting for the funds raises so far through certification.

    Bunker or a ‘Trojan Horse’, the only choice Indians are being given.
    One can find tons of material, the outer cover in which :
    Islamic theology devotes plenty of space to non-warlike subjects, such as faith, purification, prayers, alms, fasting, pilgrimage, marriage, divorce, business transactions, inheritance, gifts, bequests, vows, oaths, crime, punishment, government, hunting, food, drink, dress, decoration, greetings, magic, poetry, visions, dreams, virtue, last day, repentance, etc.
    Islamic theology divides the human family into two incompatible factions :
    There are the mu^mins (believers) on the one hand. They are Allah’s favourites to whom he has promised victory in this world and paradise hereafter. On the other hand, there are the kAfirs (unbelievers) whose lives, liberties, properties and honour Allah has forfeited in favour of the faithful. Mu^mins can have a clean conscience when they slaughter and plunder and enslave the kAfirs by every means and in every way.
    *Inside :
    It is nowhere stated in Islamic theology that the mu^mins have to be better human beings in terms of mind or morals. They have only to swear by a certain phantom named Allah and a certain historical person called RasUl (prophet), and they become qualified to kill all those who refuse to swear in the same manner. They are exempted from prayers, fasting, pilgrimage and the rest and all their sins and crimes stand pardoned, if they engage themselves in killing the kAfirs.
    Takeaway :
    Professor Jadunath Sarkar, on the other hand, had devoted a life-time to the study of Islam in theory and practice. He could not avoid reaching a very grim conclusion. « The murder of infidels (kafir-kushi), » he wrote, « is counted as merit in a Muslim. It is not necessary that he should tame his own passions or mortify his flesh; it is not necessary for him to grow a rich growth of spirituality. He has only to slay a certain class of his fellow beings or plunder their lands and wealth, and this act in itself would raise his soul to heaven. (§§§)
    A religion whose followers are taught to regard robbery and murder as a religious duty, is incompatible with the progress of mankind or with the peace of the world.
    References :
    Even in 2000, shipment of pornography (blue films, movies) to Saudi Arabia was big business and the machine rolled (grease) noise-free.
    Caste system practiced by Arabs, Saudis :
    Whiskey smuggling business in Saudi is managed by the upper-class Saudis, but the ‘mules’ who transport whiskey across the border are foreigners, mostly South asians.
    Sexcapades of Saudis and travels abroad :
    Once back in their own country, they write their own certificates ; they do not die of AIDS, but due to heart failure caused by AIDS.
    After 11 September 2001, majority of hijackers were Saudi citizens.
    The name refers to a diplomat at the Saudi embassy from 1999 to 2000. Al-Jarrah “was responsible for the placement of Ministry of Islamic Affairs employees known as guides and propagators posted to the United States, including Fahad Al Thumairy,” according to a declaration by former FBI agent Catherine Hunt, who has assisted some of the families of 9/11 victims.
    Al-Thumairy is a Saudi cleric who served as imam of a Los Angeles mosque. FBI reports released in 2012 revealed that Al-Thumairy and another individual were suspected of being “tasked” with aiding two 9/11 hijackers, although agents could not prove the suspicion conclusively.

  2. An interesting development for the past four years is the huge spike in the property purchases by Muslims in Chennai and few other places thus debunking the fake news that ECONOMY IS ON A TAIL SPIN etc etc. We the average Indians surprised and bewildered at the increase in the wealth of these minorities when whole of the nation is a weak knee. At Chennai all grey markets are dominated by the minorities and chunk of them do not fall under GST purview and the ruling establishments , IT , media is fully AWARE OF THE FACTS. While we appreciate their incredible hard work but what is worrying is that portion of their earned monies are channeled to ISLAMIC ORGANISATIONS . Social media potential is being fully utilized by these organisations to enmass the global citizens into a SHELL OF OBSCURE CIVILIZATION .

  3. It is we, the Hindus of India can solve this problem. Let us all boycott all Halal certified products. Automatically the traders will stop procuring Halal certified products. We have to get united to survive as Hindus in India. If we continue to fight with each other, India will become an Islamic country very soon. We have already lost Iran, Afghanistan which were Hindu Countries and very recently parted with present Pakistan and Bangladesh which were part of India. Let us not be a tool to the forces and Organizations which want to destabilize and disintegrate India. Hindu unity is the only way to save India from disintegration.

  4. All shopping establishments dealing with halal product should be asked to keep them in separate place distinct from others. Those who need the halal products will easily go there, while others can shop as usual.

  5. I just watched a video by a gentleman about “Halalonomics” yesterday. He claims the transactions of this industry is close to US$4trillion and some percentage of it is reaching terror organisations which is really shocking.


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