Xi’s trip to India – what should Modi do? With Prof RV

Why aren't Amar Chitra Katha books translated into Mandarin? Why aren't institutions studying China? Is Xi on a weak wicket? How should NaMo respond? All this and more in this engrossing conversation with Prof. R Vaidyanathan.


  1. Prof. RV’s observation are good for a comedy drama but not as a serious proposition. The Chinese have a huge self esteem derived from their own success unlike the low or barely existing self esteem of an Indian. An Indian will sell his nation at the slightest opportunity offered. One can see the huge queues outside the US Embassy for visa application waiting to run away from India. India cannot teach anything unless Indians develop their own self Image that comes with a nationalistic pride. No Chinese woud take India seriously unless India shows its own capabilities. Thus one has to approach the chinese with humility and not hubris. A gentle nudge for Chinese consent to allow people like Baba Ramdev into China is a possibility but the very fact that Prof. RV has mocked his style, of bringing his backside to his belly. To think that splitting China is talking about sending a 4 year old into an IIT for a PhD.


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