Zomato Saga – Who is right and who is wrong? A critical look with Abhijit Iyer-Mitra

If the user's attempt to cancel the Zomato order was bigoted, how appropriate and mature was Zomato's CEO's response? Was it a PR stunt? At the end who loses? In-depth look into this saga


  1. I am disgusted with your choice of a commentator on this important issue!
    Abhijit Iyer is a Bramhin hater. His comment about his aunt is truly worthy of any good periyar follower!
    I have followed Pgurus for a long time and felt we had a decent voice for Hindus. But as it inevitably happens, you have resorted to Dhimmitude as soon as you got some traction.
    It is not that I am against or for Zomato. It is that I am against people like this Abhijit Iyer who eat beef and mutton;and thinks he can understand Hindu sentiments. Actually it is not that he thinks he can understand, he thinks they are contemptible. He reminds me of so many convent-brain-washed Hindus who hate Hindus inherently. They are like Hindu-hating Christians who learn Hindu customs surreptitiously only to go out and ridicule them.
    The saddest part of all this is that Pgurus which was helped so much by ordinary Hindus has decided that they now have enough fame, so they need to appease the convent-educated, effeminate men like this Abhijit!
    Shame on you Shree Iyer.

      • Learn to debate? That’s your response?
        How often have you called out Rahul Gandhi or Owaisi on one topic when he was accused of something else on another topic.
        It’s called arguments by association.
        If AIM has something to say which is controversial, it is perfectly ok to bring out his inherent bias.
        If you don’t understand this YOU shouldn’t be in the news business.

      • Well the whole tirade against Tamil Brahmins that Abhijit spewed – that was personal. Shree Iyer should have either stopped him or challenged him. As for ‘learning to debate’ I am not debating anyone. I am just telling you what many of us feel about you trying to join the PC crowd by letting this Bramhin hater unbridled access. Beyond that, I have nothing to say to you. Enjoy your demise.


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