100 crores a month? More like a day! The Neta-Babu-Police nexus

How two countries were more or less at the same level 33 years ago and one is now five times richer

How two countries were more or less at the same level 33 years ago and one is now five times richer
How two countries were more or less at the same level 33 years ago and one is now five times richer

Police is still a minor player in corruption sweepstakes nexus

If you think 100 crore a month makes police corruption huge, you know nothing about corruption.

The police is still a minor player in corruption sweepstakes. If people do not commit crime/to transgress the law, the police are mostly helpless. In Mumbai and most metros, because there is commissionerate system, police get many functions that otherwise belong in other government departments, like granting clearances to restaurants and bars, where they fleece.

But there are at least 56 inspectors more in government, not police inspectors, inspectors who enforce those thousands of regulations, clearances, permissions, NOCs, etc. In their case, the public actually needs to go to them to do business, or for even such mundane jobs as the issuance of birth certificates and getting the plan for the house passed. Of course, really big players get to issue environmental clearances, guard our forests, enforce the wildlife act, and above all; collect taxes.

Our ruling elite, the entire Sarkari अमला, is haemorrhaging the only country we have, through a thousand cuts, and those left out are trying to enact this or that law to insert their own needle to suck out their share of its blood.

To give just an example: In 1987, China was per capita poorer than us, and in gross also, just equal to us. Today, both China and each Chinese are five times richer than us. The reason is only and only because the looters in government are not loosening the grip on the neck of our country, because if they do so, they won’t be able to collect 100s of crores every month.

What do we call them? Evil, cruel, plain stupid or all of these? After all, if they turn honest and dismantle socialism, that is, relax control on economy, we all, they included, will become rich like the West, richer than any corruption can make some of us.

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  1. A “Second Deal” seems to be in the making between Modi & Pawar.

    The first ‘Vicious Deal’ between Modi & Pawar was brokered by Arun Jaitley.

    As per the terms of the 1st Deal, Sharad Pawar should be protected by refraining from making the Vohra Committee Report public.

    Also the D-Gang Agent Pawar was blessed with a Padma Award & Modi publicly called Pawar his political Guru.

    Now the attacks on the MVA Govt by Fadnavis, Bhatia, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Ram Kadam leads me to infer a II deal is in the making.


    I am sure none of the murder cases – SSR, Disha Salian, Mansukh will meet their logical ends.

    Modi came to power promising to fight the corrupt. Not a Single Politician has been sent behind bars because of Modi’s bargaining politics.

    • How can Modi keep his promise when these crooks have joined him / his party!
      They recogonise a bigger crook when they see one and join his bandwagon.

  2. When Otherwise Unemployables become Netas.
    Someone who enters (after a fierce selection-competition) a medical college (training for a doctor) or an engineering school/college ; s/he is given only one chance to make-up, catch-up if s/he defaults once and fails a course in the semester.
    Even after having acquired the degree, the up-hill battle just begins.
    Please read Kanwal Rekhi [Co-Founder of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE)] and his colleagues’ experiences which date back to 1970-1980’s.

    To the contrary ; for the undecided gambler targeting a lifetime jack-pot along the track to becoming Babu (IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS,…), there is one obstacle, The Only Lifetime’s qualifying-UPSC entrance examination. The once flunky would now rule over doctors, engineers.
    Once past this barrier, the candidate now Babu rules like a king. There are hardly any checks on Babu’s performance (dose one’s day at office away), seniority for mediocrity is guarranted and a kingsize retirement package. For the more eager, Babus spend office hours in selling India’s interests (policies) to India’s adversaries, competitors and thus anchoring their future (if caught,e.g. espionage or corruption) abroad. Babu would have spouse living in UK, USA and/or a child admitted to a school through back channel.
    Imagine a consular officer picking his teeth with a tooth-pick in front of an applicant waiting for Brown Sahib’s attention.
    For the ones wanting to become Babus (IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS,…) ; UPSC allows unlimited (almost) attempts. Today, there are academies at every street corner who advise candidates on how to beat the system, e.g. pass UPSC entrance examination without sweat on brow. The academy owners are either Insiders to UPSC, or have connections or are good at profiling routine questions, predictable UPSC examinations.

    • All Religion are man made

      Sanathana Dharma is a way of life. Not a religion

      Hinduism was a term coined by the British who we are still subservient too

  3. What was promised in May 2014 and with massive mandate given again in 2019 is not properly utilized. Internal security is worse.

    Govt is not interested in sending identified nearly top two hundred prima facie corrupt people to jail and in fact compromised with some of them and inducted into the ruling party to win elections after elections and only three people take decisions and while famous one man army is being silenced step by step and cases are becoming older by the day his RS membership is coming to an end next year!

    • Even God promised that all humans are equal to him and sent many prophets. Are humans leading a peaceful life, with Middle East and South America in turmoil ? Friend you are caught in a group karmic cycle. At least we are getting food because God is forced to send rains for the sake of few people with Punya, and the criminals are equally benefitted from it.

      There are not top two hundred top corrupt people ( don’t know which agency certified them ), this number is being upgraded monthly. Is Modi conducting courts like hitler, when during “ Valkery “ episode dozens of officers were shot after a months trial. How many corrupt politicians were punished after 1947 ? How many death sentences were carried out after 1947 ? Are you aware Saudi, Iran and Pakistan execute more than 150 people a year for crimes.

      Who punishes criminals in India, it is the courts not Modi. Who made these courts ? Not Modi,Your forefathers. Blame Modi for crimes in Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and rapes in India. Who rule the Indian states ? Dynasty Chota zamindars. Is Modi to be blamed for this ? Who is looting wealth in India ? It is politico- bureaucrat nexus . Have you not bribed any one in life ? Then why are you not punished ? Introspect.

  4. Indians have reconciled to sleep with corruption. Politicians, Bureacrats and police are worse than colonial rulers and this is happening because of collapsed judicial system.No criminal in India is scared of law . Imagine Jagan of AP, has 830 Crores of assets attached by ED at young age, and no one questions how at young age he acquired such wealth. He sweeps polls. This only proves that how dynasty parties are destroying the nation and the nature of voters. The new slogan is Asatya meva Jayate. No doubt truth will win, after the aggrieved party leaves the world.

    • Why you assume that a public that sweeps into power a known corrupt politician is in any way innocent? Their attitude is…ok,mein to itna loot nahi sakta..tum luuto,dil kholke luuto,magar mere saath thoda baato..fir mein tumhe mera massiah giinunga!
      These voters are accessories to corruption..this is the hard truth.
      Public is reconciled to this fact..the official tax is collected by Govt,in return for services rendered in public good…the unofficial tax of hafta vasooli is collected from the public for allowing them to render the services they do…as protection money.
      Both are in the nature of taxes,but both are opposite in colour and intention..but we need a original thinking leader to set things as they should be..morally and ethically right..alas…they seem lost concepts!

      • Voting % is about 60. Of which majority are in rural areas and under privileged. In villages there is a leader who controls their mohallas . Voting is done as instructed by the leader. Indian voters want everything free. Hence who ever provides freebies or who is good stage actor will get votes.

        Original thinking leaders will not be permitted to enter politics by chota state dynasty zamindars. India will have this zamindari system for ever and ever and ever.

    • ” Indians have reconciled to sleep with corruption”

      Modi hai tho mumkin hai

      Brains have been washed and made to accept the thought that being honest is a crime.

      And so Antilla can continue his forward march

      • Habibi, Forget Ambani, Adani, Bajaj, Godrej, Dr Reddy labs, Kirloskar, Tatas, Joy Alukaas etc etc who are looters. why don’t you open a Kirana store, and donate few rupees to old age homes.

  5. Why cannot people apply their brains !
    Why are Oil and Liquor not under GST !
    How come bars have huge funds available ?
    Bringing back Mallya is an eyewash for the populace.
    Ask the politicians and the bureaucrats who connive. Not to mention the owners of these industries who come under excise . A game that started many years ago is being played even today and in a much bigger way

    Indians must learn that unless they lay aside their attitude of leave me alone, their world will soon come to an end.

  6. And the Indian MSM is so worried about the decline in democracy under current GOI!!!. NDTV was so desperate to extract this narrative from the visiting US defense secretary to be disappointed and other MSM blowing up what little nuggets they got. It is not just corruption in bureaucracy and politicians but among their enablers in media and the civil society (read NGOs) that are accelerating the rot. Catharsis of the latter is the need of the hour.


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