Lt Gen (Retd) Ravi Shankar takes a critical look at the economies of Pak & China, Atma Nirbharta in India’s Defence

So India wants to be Vishwaguru in Pharma. Does it have the APIs for this? No. China has them. How long will it take to self source the raw materials needed for its pharma? Will the US allow India to run away with one of the most lucrative industries (Pharma)? Lt Gen Ravi Shankar explains.


  1. Very good hangout.
    Pharma and Oil mafia will not allow India to prosper.
    India is dependent on API. In the name of retaining a tag of backyard of Monarch of Phrama exports we are polluting our own soil and water/ecosystem while developed economies have been adopting Green technologies shifting their polluting industries ti India also!

    Out of many types of warfare mentioned in this hangout, psychological warfare is devastating.

    We lack lobbies to take on the negative media.
    We need an array of good ministers to make rapid progressive changes.
    Intrusion of sea water into the ground water aquifer is alarming also due to export of sea food farming.
    I am still thinking if Pakistan and China break up into four pieces at a future date entire geo-economics in the subcontinental region shall change in our favor!

    We should have more such hangouts.


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