15 questions for Sasikala

A month after her JJ's official demise, questions still haunt Sasikala

A month after her JJ's official demise, questions still haunt Sasikala
15 questions for Sasikala

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]amil Nadu is in for a bout of political uncertainty following the appointment of Sasikala Natarajan, the live-in companion of late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, as the General secretary of the AIADMK. The General Council of the AIADMK which met at Chennai on December 29 unanimously appointed Sasikala Natarajan, who is addressed in reverence as Chinnamma by the party cadre and leaders, as the General Secretary in place of Jayalalithaa.

The media in India is afraid to highlight these issues as it may affect the prospects of them receiving advertisements worth millions of Rupees to be released by the AIADMK government.

The reasons put forward by the AIADMK leaders for appointing Sasikala Natarajan (who has conveniently changed her name to V K Sasikala to possibly cover up her relation with her husband Natarajan whom she disowned through a public statement in 2012) are flabbergasting. All these years, Sasikala Natarajan and members of her Mannargudi clan were portrayed as caretakers of late Jayalalithaa with no interest in the affairs of the party or the government.

But the statement issued by Thambi Durai, Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker and a prominent leader belonging to the Gounder community, belies all such notions about Sasikala. “Respected Chinnamma (read Sasikala) was very closely associated with Hon.Amma (HA) and made several sacrifices during the last 35 years. Due to political vendetta, false cases have been foisted against Respected Chinnamma (RC). Respected Chinnamma went to jail and underwent many struggles. RC has given valuable suggestions to HA regarding party administration and also in governance. Like this, the list of traits of RC can go on,” said Thambi Durai in a signed statement issued on the letterhead of the deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha prior to the convening of the General Council meeting. Readers should keep in mind that the same Thambi Durai threw his hat into the ring for the Chief Ministership after HA passed. This volte face on his part is stunning indeed!

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]his Monday saw Thambi Durai issuing another statement in his official letterhead demanding the coronation of Chinnamma as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. His argument was that people do not like the idea of two centres of power. The same person should hold the posts of general secretary of the party and the chief minister for effective implementation of the welfare measures initiated by Honourable Amma, said the gospel issued by the Deputy Speaker who in normal circumstances does not intervene in political party issues.

Even as Sasikala was elected as general secretary of the party and she is making the ground clear for her swearing in as chief minister of Tamil Nadu, there are certain justifiable questions and reasonable doubts haunting the minds of the people of Tamil Nadu. The media in India is afraid to highlight these issues as it may affect the prospects of them receiving advertisements worth millions of Rupees to be released by the AIADMK government.

  1. Though Jayalalithaa passed away on December 5, 2016, Sasikala and members of her family continue to occupy the palatial Veda Nilayam, the house owned by Jayalalithaa is the upmarket Poes Garden of Chennai. It is almost certain that Jayalalithaa has not left any will. Sasikala has not released any documents proving to the outside world that she is the nominated heir of Jayalalithaa. After a week of Jayalalithaa’s death, former AADMK minister Ponnayyan, came out with the copy of a fixed deposit of Rs.7 lakhs ($10,000) made by Jayalalithaa a decade ago with a Non Banking Finacial Company in which she had put Sasikala as her nominee. But that is not sufficient to tell the outside world that Sasikala is the legal heir of the former chief minister. This makes Sasikala and her relations illegal occupants of Veda Nilayam. Since Jayalalithaa has not parted with any of her properties to Sasikala, the Mannargudi Clan could be hauled to court on a number of counts including trespass and dacoity.

  2. Sasikala and her family members were expelled from the AIADMK and driven out of Veda Nilayam in 2011 December by none other than Jayalalithaa. How is it possible for Thambi Durai, a political lightweight to claim that Respected Chinnamma had made many sacrifices for Honourable Amma in the backdrop of these developments?

  3. When Jayalalithaa was alive Natarajan, described as the Non Resident Husband of Sasikala, was a persona nona grata at Veda Nilayam. How could such a person infiltrate into Veda Nilayam when Jayalalithaa was taken ill and admitted to the hospital on September 22?

  4. If the words of Thambi Durai are to be believed, the Respected Chinnamma was officiating as an Extra Constitutional Authority for the last 35 years by advising and counselling Jayalalithaa on matters of governance as well as the AIADMK. Isn’t it a criminal offence for a person with no official powers to dictate terms to government officials as well as the party cadre?

  5. Though the Apollo Hospital authorities were issuing statements claiming that the chief minister was recovering well and it was for her to decide when to go home, why did they refuse to release at least one picture of Jayalalithaa undergoing treatment in the hospital?

  6. One of the Statements said Jayalalithaa held a meeting in her room with ministers and officials and even dictated the speech to be delivered in the river dispute committee meeting convened by the Prime Minister in New Delhi. What prevented the hospital authorities from issuing a picture of the meeting to reassure the people of Tamil Nadu that their chief minister was hearty and happy?

  7. Was there an attempt by Sasikala to take over the administration of the State on December 5? All TV channels telecasting from the gates of Apollo Hospital said that all MLAs, MPS and ministers have been summoned to the Hospital in the morning itself. Who summoned them? Why they were sent to the party head quarters by 5.30PM before some of the TV channels gave the news that Jayalalithaa had passed away?

  8. Why Jaya TV, owned by the Sasikala family, beamed the news about Jayalalithaa’s death at 5.30PM?

  9. Why no Constitutional authorities including the Governor of Tamil Nadu were allowed to meet Jayalalithaa even once if she was in good health as claimed by the hospital authorities?

  10. According to Apollo Hospital management, Jayalalithaa’s health deteriorated only on December 4 evening. Why the Governor and her cabinet colleagues were not allowed to meet Jayalalithaa before December 4?

  11. On August 15, while inspecting the parade and addressing the gathering at Fort Saint George, Jayalalithaa looked very weak. This could be verified from the recordings of the Doordarshan telecast. Had she been examined by doctors on that day or adjoining days? What was their inference?

  12. Why did it take more than a month for the people taking care of Jayalalithaa to admit her to a hospital and that too in an unconscious condition?

  13. What is the usual procedure when a chief minister or a person of eminence died in office? Has the procedure been followed in the case of Jayalalithaa?

  14. Isn’t Sasikala the same lady who told the Special court in Karnataka hearing of the Disproportionate Assets case that she does not know any language other than Tamil? How come such a lady could speak to the President and Prime Minister in chaste English without any outside help? Was Sasikala telling lies under oath to the court of justice? Isn’t this perjury?

  15. It is said that Jayalalithaa was in the ICU for most part of her days in the hospital. How can a person admitted to the ICU get infection in her vital parts?

Chinnama Sasikala who shed her chins on December 29 and the management of the Apollo Hospitals have much to answer.

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  1. It beyond doubt that JJ was brought dead to Appollo Hosp as per open speech of Dr Ramsitha. Sasikala kept everyone away from JJ during her stay at hospital including governor. She could not have completed this episode as single person that too a Lady. There should be a big trained professional gang should be behind her. General public do not find ways to unearth the truth.

  2. Unfortunately there are only questions and more questions on JJ’s death and Sasikala’s misdeeds. Surprisingly the governor, central government, CBI and all others, in spite of all evidences against Sasi and her family are mute spectators putting the entire state in risk. Central govt may say it is the party’s choice to choose their head, if so, let her be the head or even be selected to be seated as CM but who is stopping intelligence dept, income tax dept, CBI, etc to find the details on JJ’s death and also bring to closure the crimes committed by Sasi and family? If central govt/BJP is “afraid” that people will term this act as political to gain entry into TN politics, they need to find ways to authentically publish all the findings against Sasi and family in social media and other Tamil media. Every tamilian has serious doubts about this family’s acts and any facts published with proof will not be unbelievable for the public.

  3. Venkaiah Naidu in his interview to Thanthi TV said he knows Pratap reddy of Apollo hospitals from childhood days. Isn’t this enough ? I don’t think the secrecy of HA’s health could have been maintained without co-operation from ‘all sections’.


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