52nd RSS worker hacked to death in Thrissur dt. by Red Jihadis

Killings of RSS workers in Kerala continues unabated

Killings of RSS workers in Kerala continues unabated
Killings of RSS workers in Kerala continues unabated

The Red Jihad (a combination of the CPI-M and Islamic terrorists) struck again in Kerala on Sunday morning. Anandan, 28-year-old RSS activist was hacked to death reportedly by the hired killers of the CPI-M and Islamic terrorists at Guruvayoor in Thrissur district of Kerala. Anandan is the third RSS activist to be murdered by the CPI-M killers in Thrissur district during the last one year. Anandan is the 52nd RSS activist being killed in Thrissur district by the CPI-M murderers. The Red Jihadis are known in Kerala intelligence circles as the Northern Alliance because of the fact that the professional executioners deployed by the CPI-M for the mission are all from the northern districts of the State.

Rekha Sharma, chairperson, National Women’s Commission had visited Kerala last week and met victims of Love Jihad and forced religious conversions.

Pramod of Kodungalloor was the first RSS activist who was murdered in Thrissur district after the CPI-M led Pinarayi Vijayan government assumed office in Kerala in May 2016. Pramod, who was working in UAE and was visiting his parents was hacked to death during a victory rally organised by the CPI-M to celebrate the installation of Pinarayi Vijayan as the chief minister of Kerala.

Nirmal, another young RSS activist too was murdered by the CPI-M activists with the patronage of the party bigwigs. Till date, the CPI-M has murdered 51 Hindu activists in Thrissur district.

What is shocking is that the murder of Anandan happened even as the two-day Seva Sangam organised by Seva Bharati was in session at Guruvayoor, Kerala’s pilgrimage town. Most of the prominent RSS leaders were present at Guruvayoor when the CPI-M-Islamic terrorists struck on Sunday. Anandan had been included as an accused in the 2013 murder of an Islamic activist by name Fazil.

The murder of Anandan comes at a time when central agencies confirming that forced religious conversions have become an order of the day in Kerala. Rekha Sharma, chairperson, National Women’s Commission had visited Kerala last week and met victims of Love Jihad and forced religious conversions. Sharma had come down heavily on the antipathy and callousness of the Kerala Police as well as the Department of Home towards the instances of Love Jihad and forced religious conversions happening in the State.

But MC Josephine, a Christian fundamentalist, who is heading the Kerala State Women’s Commission because of her close proximity to Pinarayi Vijayan, lambasted Rekha Sharma for her observations. “She is trying to create problems in Kerala by spreading such news. As far as I know, there are no Love Jihads or forced religious conversions in Kerala,” said Josephine.

This is in stark contrast to the findings of the intelligence wing of Kerala Police which had confirmed thousands of forced religious conversions. The victims were all Hindu women. Though the Pinarayi Vijayan government had denied reports about the presence of Islamic State (IS) activists in Kerala, latest reports tell that more than 100 youth from Kerala are fighting for the terrorist organisation in Syria.

CPI-M takes over temple

The Marxist government in Kerala is on a mission to demolish the temples in the State. The famous Parthasarathi Temple in Guruvayur has been taken over by the Kerala Government without any explanation. Temples with big income have been targeted by the Marxist government and this has made many eminent Hindus come out openly with pleas to the devotees not to offer any cash or gold to the temples. “We do not know what happens to the offerings made at temples like Sabarimala and Guruvayur. Instead of using these offerings for the betterment of the Hindu society, the cash and gold are diverted to the party coffers by the CPI-M led government,” said Major Ravi, the former Indian Army commando-turned movie maker.

The CPI-M government is contemplating to file a criminal case against Major Ravi for this comments. The Major had retorted angrily when Sindhu Sooryakumar, a TV anchor person who is close to Pinarayi Vijayan and M A Baby labeled Goddess Durga as a prostitute. Many intellectuals in the State had come out in support of this CPI-M heartthrob.

Seva Bharati meeting at Guruvayur drew a large crowd because of the kind of social works initiated by the Sangh Parivar organisation. Noted movie maker Priyadarshan shared the state with Bhayyaji Joshi for the inaugural session. Many Marxist activists had deserted the CPI-M and joined RSS because of the goodwill earned by Seva Bharati.

More than 300 delegates who had assembled at Guruvayur were accommodated in the houses of Hindus in the temple town and this shocked the CPI-M leaders. The CPI-M had ensured that only Muslim candidates are elected from the temple town in all the elections since 1960 for fear of RSS getting strengthened in the constituency.

Guruvayur is the place where the then Jan Sangh candidate T N Bharatan lost by a whisker in the 1960 mid-term election to the assembly. “The Jan Sangh lost the 1960 election from Guruvayur because of the falsehood spread by Mathrubhumi, then a Congress leaning newspaper, On the day of the polling, the daily came out with a banner headline stating that Jan Sangh would transfer its votes to the Congress. It was an act of treachery by Mathrubhumi,” said P Narayanan, veteran journalist and former editor of Janmabhumi.

The CPI-M leadership and Islamic terrorist organisations like the Popular Front of India has decided to eliminate more RSS workers in days to come so that they would be able to terrorise the youngsters from joining the Sangh Parivar organisations. The media in Kerala, known for its pro-CPI-M and pro-Islamic terrorist stance blacked out Saturday’s Maha Rally held by the ABVP at Thiruvananthapuram as part of the Chalo Kerala initiative to bring the Red Jihadi murders to the attention of the whole nation.

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